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4 Pillars of Destiny

Paht Chee (4 Pillars of destiny ) is a powerful system of Chinese destiny analysis that complements the practice of Feng Shui and reveals what kind of wealth & success potential a person has and how one can unlock this wealth. It is also the excellent method for predicting when one’s marriage & Family luck will ripen. When Paht Chee ( 4 Pillars of destiny ) charts and luck pillars are correctly analyzed, they accurately predict one’s good fortune and misfortune years from his/her birth data.

Everybody owns his or her own Paht Chee chart, showing his/her life map. You can find out lots of information about yourself from this chart. Having a better understanding of your chart will benefit personal planning.

  • Identify various favorable and unfavorable elements.
  • Examine good and bad periods in your life.
  • Distinguish cycles for taking or refraining from risks.
  • Pinpoint optimal periods for marriage or changes in career and/or business.
  • How to find a suitable spouse, partner, or business partner.
  • Identify the lucky and unlucky stars in the life.
  • How to make the yearly forecast.
  • Examine the basic outlook and nature of a person based on the Paht Chee.
  • Learn about clashes and relationship between Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems.
  • Understand the basic foundation of the Paht Chee ( 4 Pillars of destiny ) theory.
  • Use analysis skills to make judgments of the Paht Chee chart.
  • Analyze the 3 different life licks – Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Mankind luck.

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