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WOFS USA’s 2021 Feng Shui Extravaganza will be held virtually!

WOFS USA’s 2021 Feng Shui Extravaganza will be held virtually! Due to the pandemic, this year is different, and we want you all to remain safe. Join us from the comfort of your home at a convenient time. As 2020 is coming to an end, we need to prepare for 2021 as well as the upcoming triumphs and obstacles.

Since 2003, WOFS USA has proudly hosted the Feng Shui Extravaganza with Lillian Too and Peter Lung. For 2021, Peter Lung will share the following information with you:

  • Feng Shui outlook for the Year of the Yin Metal Ox – 2021

  • Strategies to activate auspicious sectors and control the unlucky sectors from the annual Flying Star

  • Analysis of the individual luck from your personal Paht Chee to match the Paht Chee in 2021

  • Update the luck of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs and tips to take advantage of good chances while protecting you from bad luck

  • Lessons on ancient Chinese face reading and recommendations on how to solve related challenges; every year 13 age groups will face BIG obstacles

Let me advise you on HOW to win and succeed for the coming year!


 Date and Time:

December 15, 2020 – You can watch this valuable video for 30 days.

Fee:  US$68.00 each.

(Special discount of 30% off available if purchase of 2 or more tickets at the same time/in the same invoice/shopping cart). Email will be sent to confirm your order.

Apply discount coupon: 2Ticket30.  When you purchase 2 tickets or more at the same shopping cart, you will receive 30% off for the total ticket price.

Free Gift:

  • The 2021 Year of the Ox Commemorative Medallion (Retail value of $22.80).
  • Handout and Feng Shui tips for the Year of the Yin Metal Ox, including the luck of the all the 12 Chinese zodiacs.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Log-in information – We will email you the password and details of how you can watch it online for 30 days. Be sure to provide us a valid email address. Your information will NOT be shared with others.
  • No refund or exchange for this purchase. If WOFS USA reserves the right to cancel the virtual event, we will fully refund your original credit card or check for cash payment.
  • The video is only for your private use and is not permitted to be shared with a third party for any reason.