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The Pi Yao also known as the Pi Xiu or Pi Kan is a celestial creature believe to be the 9th son of the heavenly Dragon. The Pi Yao is believed to be the favorite pet of the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) which is why it is important to appease the years Tai Sui by placing figurines of the Pi Yao in the direction of the Tai Sui.

For 2019 year of the Boar is Northwest 3 and 2020 year of the Rat at North 2. Appeasing the Tai Sui of the year brings protection against legal problems, promoting harmony at home, protects income and money luck and dissolves misfortune brought by angering the Tai Sui.

The Pi Yao is widely used as protectors of homes and offices and believed to attract wealth and good fortune when placed at the main entrance. Also known among the gamblers as the lottery god, you can place lottery tickets under the Pi Yao to enhance your winning chances and carried into casinos to improve gambling luck. Place the Pi Yao on top of your investment files to protect and enhance asset growth.

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Material: Brass.

Size: 3 Inches Width x 3 1/2 Inches Depth x 2 3/4 Inches Height.

2 Pieces of Pi Xie

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in