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12353 – Moon Pearl Monday Key Chain (Monday’s child is fair of face)


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Monday is the Day of the Moon, and it is believed that those born on this magnificent day are gifted with the powers of intuition and beauty! This lovely hanging charm was crafted to harness these exquisite qualities of the Moon to give its wearer the added advantage of predictive powers when needed. It carries the auspicious words “Monday’s Child is Fair of Face” together with a gorgeous moon-white faux Pearl.

In addition, a special key fashioned with the Moon gives its wearer the power to unlock and receive all the benefits of Monday, including the ability to make decisions guided by intuition and also to persuade others through their radiant beauty. This talisman is extremely lucky for those born on Monday. Those born on other days may wear this talisman on Monday to benefit from the powers of the Moon.

SKU: 12353

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