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5414 – Garuda with Anti-Illness Amulet (V21)


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Weight: 16.05 Ounces.

Measurement: 6 Inches Length x 4 1/2 Inches Width x 3 Inches Depth.

Material: Alloy

SKU: 5414


The Garuda Bird is a powerful celestial protector that can subdue illness and spirit attacks caused by nagas. Display at the North in 2021 to control the illness energy from the Number 2 Evil Star and put it next your bed for protection.

Very important for all houses to have the presence of the Garuda Bird to suppress illness vibrations.
Excellent to be placed in the South of home (2020) to protect against epidemics, skin diseases and illness.

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Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in