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5429 – Crane & Deer Longevity Carpet – 31″ x 48″ (M)


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SKU: 5429


Measurement: 31 Inches Width x 48 Inches Length.

Material: Polyester.

Weight: 28.75 Ounces.

Display this carpet in the home to attract good health luck and to protect residents against sickness and contagious diseases. The Deer is known for its speed, endurance and long lifespan. The Crane brings good health for the whole family. The Pine Tree represents peace, health and along life. This carpet comes in a restful blue hue, the colour of health and of the Medicine Buddha.

Place anywhere in the home, or in the sector where the Illness Star has flown to, to keep the household healthy and protected.

In 2020, the illness star resides in the South. In 2021, the illness star resides in the North.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16 in

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