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Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in July 2019

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in July 2019

 July 7 – August 7, 2019– Month of the Yin Metal SHEEP

Sheep: You may encounter health-related issues such as stomach pain. In addition, there will be a lot of obstacles this month so spend more time working for a better result. Carry or hang the Hand Prayer Wheel with Wu Luo Hanging for protection.

Monkey: You will have strong relationship luck this month. Unfortunately, your emotions are up and down; it is hard for you to make a decision and focus. It will be a good time for you to take a short break to recharge your energy. Carry the Vairocana Gold Talisman in your wallet for better luck, as Vairocana is the Buddha protector of the Monkey Born person.

Rooster: You will have strong career and money luck this month. It will be the perfect month for you to focus at work and develop new business. However, beware of trouble makers around you. You can keep the Peacock Feathers Mirror Fan to protect against bad luck and harmful energies or wear the Om Mani Padme Hum Onyx Bracelet for protection.

Dog: It will be a smooth month for you, and there will be opportunities. However, beware of overspending and unexpected expenses, so it will not be the right time loaning money to anyone. You can keep the Double Five Spoke Dorje Hanging or wear the Double Dorje pin to protect you from accident and robbery.

Boar: You will have excellent support from friends and colleagues. However, Female boar person should control their temper and avoid an argument with your spouse and lover. Also, be patient as it will not be easy for you to achieve your goals this month.  Keep the Amitabha Gold Talisman for protection, as Amitabha Buddha is the protector for Boar born person. He protects you throughout your life, so ask for help anytime.  In addition, the Love and Happiness Gold Talisman helps you to maintain a good relationship with others.

Rat: There will be plenty of opportunities for you, and it will be the right month to start a new project. You can be aggressive when achieving your goals.  Unfortunately, you will easily attract jealousy and need to handle it smoothly. Also, the Illness star will bring lousy health to you, so place the Wu Luo at your bedside and wear the Rose quartz Wu Luo bracelet for better health.

Ox: It will not be the right month for you to loan money to anyone or make signify investments. Pay attention to your health and take more rest as the Sheep month usually brings obstacles and inconvenience to Ox born person.  Keep the Jade Pi Yao with the mystic knot and display the Wish Granting Ox on your work desk or next to your bed to secure your money.

Tiger: Both personal and career luck is excellent this month; there will be lots of helpful people around you. Single Tiger person will have strong relationship luck, and you should take this unique opportunity to meet your loved one.  Carry the Love and Happiness Gold Talisman to attract peach blossom luck and the Royal Emblems mirror to attract influential benefactors for support.

Rabbit: It will be the right month for you to expand your network and meet new friends and new clients. Simply, focus and finish your tasks and achieve your goals. However, beware of signing legal documents and receiving a traffic ticket. These will be your only concerns this month. You should keep the Ksitigarbra Buddha card in your wallet or hang the Ksitigarbra Buddha Hanging in your workplace to exhaust the hostile energy.

Dragon: It will be an excellent month for you to focus at work, and you will also have great support from your colleagues due to the Nobleman star. Money luck is weak, making it difficult to retain money. Be sure to budget your spending and pay attention to health-related issues such as the stomach flu. Place the Dragon Treasure Trove with gold bars and ingots on your work desk bringing money luck to you and keep the Wealth-bringing Mongoose gold talisman as well.

Snake: Snake born person should pay attention to their health, and there will be lots of obstacles at work and at home. Place the Golden Abacus on the work desk to attract money luck or carry the Tara Wealth Vase clip with you.

Horse: It will be another good month for Horse born person since you have considerable assistance from friends and colleagues. Also, expand your network and develop your career during this month.  You can carry the Precious Horse keychain for success and Windhorse Gold Talisman for victory.