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Feng Shui Extravaganzas, trainings, and seminars in USA

World Of Feng Shui USA is honored to host the yearly Feng Shui extravaganzas, hands-on-trainings and seminars, in the United States, by Lillian Too and Peter Lung. Lillian Too is a world renown Feng Shui master, best selling author of Feng Shui books and founder of the World Of Feng Shui franchise which boast numerous Feng Shui boutiques throughout the world.

Peter Lung, along with his wife, Joanie Lung, are co-owners of the World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas and Honolulu franchise stores and the USA based online store, www.WOFSUSA.com.

Peter Lung is the official Feng Shui expert consultant and teacher for the USA franchise.

World of Feng Shui

We are the Official Store of Lillian Too's products

World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas, Honolulu and www.WOFSUSA.com are the official stores of Lillian Too's products in the United States. There are two stores located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Honolulu, Hawaii, and a USA based online store, www.WOFSUSA.com. We are the largest Feng Shui store in the USA. Since 2002, we have been a business partner of World Of Feng Shui. We are exclusively authorized by Lillian Too to sell WOFS products such as her GOG jewelry line, flying star cures and enhancers along with Lillian's Fortune & Feng Shui Horoscope Books, Almanacs and Diaries. Our products comes directly from WOFS headquarter in Malaysia.

World Of Feng Shui USA makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the information contained herein or the suitability of its products and services for any particular purpose, nor does World Of Feng Shui USA assume any liability whatsoever arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit. The products sold hereunder and any other products sold by World Of Feng Shui USA have been subject to limited testing and should not be used in conjunction with mission-critical equipment or applications. Any performance specifications are believed to be reliable but are not verified.


World Of Feng Shui USA strives to give back by being involve in the Honolulu and Las Vegas communities. In Honolulu, Hawaii, for the past 18 years, co-owners, Joanie and Peter Lung, have held fund raising seminars for various organizations like the American Heart Society, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, FPMT.org, and the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. Since 2004, World Of Feng Shui USA Honolulu, with the help of wonderful and giving clients, have proudly raised over $100,000 to benefit the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation.

To give back to the Las Vegas, Nevada, community, Peter Lung conducted free feng shui classes for the Clark County libraries and other non-profit community organizations such as the OCA Las Vegas Chapter and the Young Filipino American Professionals Association. Peter and Joanie Lung annually participate as mentors in OCA and ROAR UNLV College Mentorship Program, pairing with students to help them establish a network and gain knowledge about their future careers.

World of Feng Shui
World of Feng Shui

From 2013 thru 2015, World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas, proudly presented yearly Feng Shui Extravaganzas, by Peter Lung, to raise funds for FirstMed Health+Wellness Center of Las Vegas, Nevada. FirstMed is a non-profit organization providing preventive, primary, and urgent health care services to the uninsured and under-insured population.

Partnering with various hotels, vendors and healthcare sponsors, the goal for this feng shui talk is to raise money to fund affordable health care assistance to the medically under-served Las Vegas community.


Peter Lung was born and educated in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States of America over 25 years ago. Born into a family with strong feng shui background, Peter further his feng shui knowledge by studying in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States with different feng shui masters for traditional compass method and Black Hat Sect method. Peter Lung is a professional feng shui consultant who travels all over United States, South America and Asia to do feng shui consultation services. He specializes in traditional feng shui methods and incorporates personal Paht Chee to enhance the luck for his clients, giving recommendations to avoid or reduce inconveniences during bad period.

Like his mentor Lillian Too, Peter believe strongly in the concept that feng shui can make a difference in everyone's lives. He promotes this belief by providing feng shui classes and seminars, offering various levels of training from basic feng shui class to certified professional training. Some of the classes that he offers yearly in Honolulu and in Las Vegas are Basic Feng Shui, Paht Chee I, Paht Chee II, Paht Chee for Women, I-Ching, Flying Star Feng Shui, Water Feng Shui, Tibetan Practice and a week long Professional Feng Shui Consultant certification course for advanced students who have interests in becoming professional consultants.

Peter has written articles for the Feng Shui World Magazine and been invited as a guest speaker for various feng shui events. In 2007, Peter was honored to be invited as a guest host with his mentor, Lillian Too, on her talk show about food and feng shui. He has been invited as a guest speaker for the Hawaii Realtor Association educating realtors on why feng shui is important in the real estate business. In 2009, during the 5th International Feng Shui Convention in which his mentor, Lillian Too, was honored, Peter was invited to be one of the guest speaker. In 2011, Peter and Joanie, wife and co-owner of World Of Feng Shui USA, have been honored as Members of the Year by Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.

Both he and Joanie, have been interviewed by different local Las Vegas new stations and newspapers and Honolulu radio station and newspapers on various topics that relates to feng shui such as how to invite in the good fortune luck of each Chinese New Years and various methods of conducting opening ceremonies. In 2012, the Venetian & Palazzo Hotels & Casinos, consulted with Peter Lung, to create the Fire Breathing Dragon. This attraction was a big highlight and brought in millions of visitors to the casinos. Peter still continues to consult the hotel on their yearly Chinese New Year attractions.

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