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Your Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter in October 2021

Chung Yeong Festival (重陽節)


Chung Yeong Festival (重陽節), also known as the Double Ninth Festival (久久節 ) and the Chrysanthemum Festival (菊の節句), is observed on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. This year it’ll be on October 14, 2021. Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean will visit the cemetery of their ancestors to pay their respects. They will offer food and fruit as well as burn incense to their ancestors. Ching Ming and Chung Yeong Festival are important dates for us to pay respects to our ancestors.

According to the Lo Shu number, nine is the yang fire element, and the double ninth day and month will bring intense fire. Chrysanthemum blooms during that time; it will be advisable to drink chrysanthemum tea or liquor to balance your health.