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Your Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter in March 2022

Highlights of MarchRABBIT Month

  • The lucky areas of the house and office are East, North, Northeast, and Southeast. Use Feng Shui enhancers to activate the sectors and capture the luck from the fortune stars.

  • The unlucky areas of the house and office are South, West, Northwest, and Southwest, which needs to be controlled and protected from unlucky stars.

  • It will be a lucky month for the person born in the Snake, Sheep, Dog, and Ox year. Do not miss these opportunities to achieve your goals.


Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of MARCH 2022.  Update the monthly flying stars of your space.


MARCH 2022 Flying Star Chart

The SECOND month (Yin Water RABBIT month –  March 5 – April 4, 2022) of the Yang Water TIGER Year

The first number is the monthly flying star, and the second number is the annual flying star.  Use the chart to apply the following recommendations:

Northeast 4/8 The combination of these two stars will bring relationship, education, and wealth luck; activate the Northeast of the house by placing the Five Prosperity Bats Red Carpet or displaying the 100 Blessings Energetic Deer.  A single person should carry the Romance Lock to attract the new love into your life.

Southwest 7/2 The monthly Robbery Star will bring violence and break-ins to the Southwest area.  To protect yourself from theft, hang the Anti-Robbery Protection Tablet or display the Armored Elephant and Rhinoceros.  You should keep this area quiet and remove windchimes from this room.

Northwest 2/6 The Number 2 Illness Star will bring obstacles and sickness energy to you.  It would help if you hung the Six Rods Metal Windchime or placed the Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha to control this evil star.

Center 1/5 The White Star will bring career luck, money luck, and career advancement to everyone in the house.  It will be one of the luckiest areas in the home this month.  Place the Sky Dragon or the New Victory Banner to attract good luck from this star.

Southeast 9/4 This is another lucky area of the house; both of these two stars will bring wisdom energy and growing chi to you.  It will help to put the Activating Prosperity Tree and the Dragon Carp with 3 Legged Toad for education luck.

North 6/1The North side of the house will be lucky for windfall luck and wealth luck.  Place the Wealth Rat Windchime, Heavenly Star Windchime, or Jade Emperor Windchime to capture the luck from this star.  These metal windchimes have six rods which match to the number of the Windfall Star (#6).

East 8/3The Wealth Star will bring money luck to the East of the house; it will help to place the Trio of Tigers with Wealth Gods Plaque or the Sacred Resource Cow to attract prosperity energies and great good fortune to you.

South 5/9 The combination of these two stars will bring misfortune and bad health to the South area of the house.  Place the Heart Sutra 5 Element Pagoda and remove the red color carpet at the South of the house to eliminate the dangerous energy. Replace those decorations with live plants in this area.

West 3/7 The monthly Argument Star will bring quarrelsome energy.  Consider putting the Five Prosperity Bats Red Carpet or the Magical Cosmic Apple to exhaust the negative energy from this lousy star.