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Ching Ming Festival (清明節) – Feng Shui Newsletter from WOFS USA

Ching Ming Festival (清明節)

The Ching Ming Festival, also known as the “Chinese Memorial Day” or the “Tomb-Sweeping Festival,” has been observed by the Chinese for over 2500 years. It will take place on April 4 in 2021, and changes according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. On this day, most Chinese families visit their ancestor’s tombs to clean the graveyard, pray to ancestors, and make ritual offerings. Depending on the observers’ religion, some pray to a higher deity to honor their ancestors, while others may pray directly to the ancestral spirits.

I will be there to provide free Feng Shui consultation  at Palm Eastern on March 20 and Palm Northwest on March 27.  I also give you Feng Shui tips for the Year of the Ox, and you can watch this video by clicking the following link:

We are looking forward to seeing you and your family soon.