Are you ready for 2021? Year of the Yin Metal OX

2020 is almost coming to an end and it has been quite a year! As we are quickly approaching 2021, we need to prepare for the best and also be ready to overcome any upcoming obstacles. You should start to use 2021 Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Alamance and diary making your new plan and must choose auspicious date for starting new project, wedding, sign contract and renovation, etc. They are ready for you to deliver or pickup at the stores (WOFS Las Vegas and WOFS Honolulu) NOW! Don’t wait and delay your plan! We have been delayed our plan due to pandemic period.

General Outlook of the year

  • Fire is the wealth element in 2021. You need to wear lucky colors such as red, pink, and burgundy to help capture the wealth luck; especially if you were born in the months of November, December, and January.
  • Tiger and Rabbit zodiac will have strong relationship luck. You should carry the Enhancing Relationship Amuletto boost up your luck.
  • Ox zodiac will be supported by Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) and it will be a busy year. You must carry the 2021 Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui Card to appease him.
  • Dragon and Snake zodiacs will have auspicious stars to help bringing good luck but will also need to control the bad energy from Five Yellow Star. You MUST keep the 5 Element Pagoda Tree of Life for protection.
  • Finally, the Horse, Dog and Monkey zodiacs will be lucky from the auspicious stars in 2021, but Dog person should not make significant investments this year.
  • Sheep will face Tai Sui and need to carry the Tai Sui amulet or Tai Sui Card to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter.
  • Rooster will have strong money luck with great support during the Ox year but need to pay attention for office politics. It will be better for you to wear the Anti Jealousy Medallion to block the negative enegry.
  • It will not be a smooth year for Boar person and cash flow will be tight. As you do not have lucky star in 2021. You need to keep the Anti-Burlgary amulet for protection from losing money, and 28 Hums Wheel for protection.  It is not the right year to loan money to others and you must team up with your ally – Rabbit and secret friend – Tiger for better luck.
  • Rat person will have lucky stars to help overcome obstacles and need to pay attention to your health due to the Illness star. You must carry the Good Health Gold Card for protection.



  • Number 1 Little Wealth and Relationship Water Star will fly into the South, it will bring wealth and promotion luck to the household. Activate it by placing the Blue Ru Yi with 8 Auspicious Symbols to attract money luck, business success, and BIG profit. In ancient China, Ru Yi brings leadership and power and Five Bats bring 5 different fortunes.
  • The Number 4 Star will bring peach blossom and education luck to you. This lucky star flies into the East side of the house and it is a wood star. You must place the Lotus Water Fountain to support this star to help bring in the education luck. For relationship luck, you should place the Bejeweled Peach Blossom – Rat (For Rabbit, Sheep and Boar), Horse (For Ox, Snake and Rooster), Rabbit (Horse, Dog, and Tiger) and Rooster (For Rat, Dragon and Monkey). You need to place the Three Celestial Shields plaque to protect from the damage from the 3 Killings Star this year.
  • The Big Metal Number 6 Heavenly White Star will bring windfall, investment and gambling luck to the center of the house. You should capture this excellent opportunity by placing the Bejeweled Dragon.
  • The Number 8 Wealth Star flying into the west sector is the luckiest star in the Period of 8, it will end in February 2024. It will be the auspicious sector in your house and you must activate by placing the Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala to attract wealth luck.
  • The annual Number 9 Purple Star will bring good news and happiness at the Northeast area this year. We are coming close to the end of the Period of 8 and the Number 9 star will be significant in the Period of 9 beginning in 2024. Display the Nine Dragon plaque to attract the luck from this star. Place or hang the 2021 Tai Sui Plaque to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter, The Tai Sui is the God of the Year and we MUST never confront him. He will be located at the Northeast 1 (22.6 to 37.5 degree). You should avoid renovating or digging in the North.
  • Number 2 Illness Star flying into the North is one of the worst stars of 2021, it will bring health issues to your family along with lots of obstacles. You must display the Medicine Buddha Gau. Medicine Buddha will also bring good health and longevity.
  • Southeast sector is also one the worst areas in your house due to the 5 Yellow Star, and it will bring lots of obstacles, arguments, loss of income, lousy relationship luck, and illness this year. It also brings health problems related to your four limbs and your liver. Display the 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life in this room to control the negative impact from this evil star.
  • The Number 7 Star brings betrayal, violence, & burglary. It will be located at the Northwest of the house. The unfriendly star flies into the Northwest of the Lo Shu square, making it more potent and thus more dangerous. Especially affecting the Patriarch of the family and the male boss in the company. Place or hang the Anti-Burglary Plaque with Door Guardians or Anti-Robbery Sticker on the window for protection.
  • The Number 3 Star brings arguments, lawsuits, and misunderstandings to the Southwest. The misfortune star flies into this area and will also bring obstacles and quarrels to the matriarch of the family. Display the Red Peace and Harmony Apples or a red or gold color cusion cover or hang the Apple Peace amulet for protection.

As we are trying to help minimize the spread of virus and maintain social distancing guidelines, we will not be hosting the Feng Shui Extravaganza in Las Vegas this coming year. Instead I will have a virtual event and send you more details soon.

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