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Class Of 2013: Congratulation! Here Are Some Tips To Help You On The Road To Success

A Big Congratulation To The Graduating Class Of 2013. May Your Future Be Bright And Overflowing With Success And Prosperity!

For the new graduates who are trying to get a head start in the competitive job market, here are some tips to help jump start your road to success:

  • The North sector of you home is considered to be the career sector and the element that belongs to the North sector is water. To enhance career luck, energize the water element with a running water feature like the Mystic Knot water feature or an aquarium filled with 9 fishes.
  • The Dragon Tortoise is a combination of the Dragon and the Tortoise bringing courage, determination and solid steadiness and support. Display in the North for excellent career luck or in the Southeast for wealth luck. In the office, place behind your chair facing the entry to ensure a long and successful career.
  • Enhance networking luck and get support from your peers by displaying or carrying your Chinese zodiac sign secret friend and allies.
  • If you are trying to find a job, enhance the fire element of the South sector. The South is the fame and recognition corner. Leave a lamp on in the South and display the Windhorse to enhance for recognition and success or the Lucky Red Cat looking out the door or window to invite in recognition and referral luck.
  • Carry the Wealth Granting Tree Mirror with you to absorb and activates wealth luck and captures the power of prosperity. The Wealth Granting Tree harnesses the prosperity and growth opportunities. The 5 color stones on the Tree of Life or the Wealth Tree represent the 5 elements and are consider to be wish granting stones.
  • When scheduling for an interview, if possible try to schedule it on the day and hour that will best enhance your luck. Use the feng shui almanac to check for your lucky days and hours.
  • Try to wear an outfit with the color that represent the element which will enhance for your success luck. Wear the color that will benefit your self element.
  • If possible, try to sit facing your success direction during the interview.

These are some feng shui tips to get you started but do not forget the most important part, you! Bring your wonderful personality and skills and show them what an asset you will bring to the company! Good luck and best wishes!