Feng Shui Update by Peter Lung – VIRTUAL Event – Year of the OX (REHAB Fundraiser) 2021

Thank you for all your generous donations to our annual fundraising for Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific in Hawaii since 2006!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are unable to host the annual Feng Shui update talk in-person early 2021. We want to offer a virtual Feng Shui talk via Zoom and cannot do this without your support. All ticket proceeds benefit  REHAB Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB) mission to Rebuild Lives Together for those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Feng Shui Outlook for 2021 – Year of the Yin Metal Ox

Detailed analysis for the luck of all 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs includes wealth attraction, good health & relationship, and Peach Blossom Luck. Learn how to incorporate your individual Path Chee (Destiny) chart with the Yin Metal Ox Year’s luck.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Log-in information – We will email you the password and details of how you can watch it online from Zoom. I will answer all the Feng Shui questions.

  • No refund or exchange for this purchase. If WOFS USA reserves the right to cancel the virtual event, we will fully refund your original credit card or check for cash payment.

  • The video is only for your private use and is not permitted to be shared with a third party for any reason.

For ticket and donation

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