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Here’s the December, 2016 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter


[boc_heading css_classes=”blog-title1″]Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in DECEMBER 2016 [/boc_heading]

December 7, 2016 to January 4, 2017 – Month of the Yang Metal RAT
Rat: You will receive your bonus for all the hard work from the past 11 months. Please make sure to control your temper. You should carry the Peace & Harmony keychain to control the argument energy.

Ox: Strong relationship luck for the Ox Born person, it is the proper time for you to expand your network. At the same time, you need to pay attention to your health and take more rest. You should carry the Medicine Buddha card in your wallet for better health luck.
Tiger: Tiger person is the opposite of the Ox person. Relationship luck is weak and you need to control your temper. Please maintain good relations with friends and family members. Consider carrying Peace & Harmony keychain.
Rabbit: You will have strong money luck this month, and it is a proper time for you to change your investment portfolio. You should carry the Increase Business Talisman to enhance good luck.
Dragon: This is still the strong month for the Dragon born person, and there will be lots of happiness coming to you. Take this good month opportunity to develop your business and make future plans. Display the Bejeweled Rooster at the West of your bedroom for great support from your friends.
Snake: This is the great month for the Snake born person and you will possibly meet your nobleman who will help you solve your problem. Single person should take this opportunity to propose to their lover. You can carry the Gui Ren Amulet to attract the Nobleman Star.
Horse: You will have clash month in December so creating or expanding a big project won’t be a good time. Beware of people around you; you should take it easy and lay low. Place either the Wishingfulling Ox or Ox & Rat Auspicious Energizer in the Northeast of your office or bedroom to make a connection with a Rat friend for a better relationship. It will help reduce the damage during the Rat month.
Sheep: Beware of the car accident and put 6 Peacock Feathers inside your vehicle. Consider sticking the Guru Rinpoche window sticker on the car’s dashboard for protection.
Monkey: There will be unexpected expenses in this month, so it’s not the right time to get involved in an investment or loan money to others. You must carry the Anti-Burglary amulet for protection.
Rooster: Beware of signing legal documents and control your temper. This is also the proper month for you to travel. You should carry the Red Eagle for Quarrelsome Star keychain to control the negative energy.
Dog: You will have strong career luck this month and need to take more rest. Take vitamin supplement for better health and carry the Garuda Good Health Keychain for protection.
Boar: Strong relationship luck for Boar born person and this is the good month for you to expand your network. Single Boar person should place the Bejeweled Peace Blossom Rat in the North of the bedroom, and it will help to bring strong relationship luck.

[boc_heading html_element=”h4″ css_classes=”text-uppercase”]Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of DECEMBER 2016 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.[/boc_heading][boc_heading css_classes=”blog-title1″]December 2016 – Flying Star Chart [/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h5″ css_classes=”blog-title3″]11th Month (Yang Metal Rat month – December 7, 2016, to January 4, 2017) of the Yang Fire Monkey Year[/boc_heading]

How to read the chart: There are nine squares. Each square represents a directional sector of your home with the middle square representing the Center sector of your house. There are two numbers shown in each sector. The big number in each sector indicates the Annual Star and the Monthly Star. Place the suggested cures and enhancers in their accordingly.

Center: 2/1: The number 1 star will bring good energy and help exhaust the Number 2 illness energy, you should hang the 6 rods metal windchime and display the Trinity Horse set to activate the victory, success, and wealth luck.
North 7/6: There will be 2 bad metal stars flying into the same sector: the annual and monthly stars. Make sure having the Blue rhinoceros facing North to control the robbery energy. Remove all the metal wind chime in the North this month.
East 9/8: There will be strong wealth luck in the East this month; you can display 8 bamboo sticks with water and a water fountain at East to enhance the wealth star.
South 6/5: Five Yellow Star will be very strong in this sector, creating lung and stomach problems for you and family members. The 5 Element Talisman is the best way to control the negative 5 Yellow star and activate the Number 6 Windfall luck star at the same time.
West 4/3: Hang the Peace & Harmony Amulet and metal wind chime to control the monthly quarrelsome star. Try to remove plants from the west area of the house this month.
Southwest 8/7: This is not the good month to make an investment in the Southwest room. Remove all the metal wind chime outside the building; otherwise, you will activate the robbery star. Face the blue rhinoceros towards the Southwest windows and door for protection.
Southeast 1/9: The monthly Happiness star is flying into this sector, bringing wealth, promotion, fame, and happiness luck to you. Display 9 pieces of Bamboo stick and 9 Dragons Mural to enhance these two lucky stars.
Northwest 3/2: This sector has been affected by the Quarrelsome Star for the last ten months and now the Number 2 illness star is joining it. It will bring negative energy to the Patriot of the family and the male boss of the company. Be cautious and control it! Display the Medicine Buddha Stupa or Medicine Buddha frame and hang the Peace & Harmony Amulet to control it. Head of the household should carry the Medicine Buddha card and Peace & Harmony keychain this month.
Northeast 5/4: Strong romance and education luck to the younger family members. You can activate it by placing the Peach Blossom animal for romance luck and hanging the Scholastic amulet at Northeast for better education luck. You can either put flowers or plants to enhance the luck; green plants control the annual 5 Yellow star as well.
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