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Here’s your August 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Hungry Ghost Festival (盂蘭節)
The seventh month (Chinese Lunar calendar) of each year in Asia, especially in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, is known as the Hungry Ghost month. The Hungry Ghost Festival will start from August 22 to September 19 according to the Chinese Lunar calendar.
The dates, August 22 to September 19, are mostly applied to the Chinese who live in the southern part of China. The rest of the Chinese will practice the Hungry Ghost night on September 4, 2017.
The ghosts and spirits, including the deceased ancestors, will come out from the lower realm (地獄) located in the Northeastern part of the planet. During this month, living descendants will offer incense, offer food to the deceased ancestors, and burn items made from paper mache: clothes, “gold bars,” and appliances.
“Namah Sarva Tathagatha Avalokite Om Sambhara Smabhara Hung.”

The Land of Medicine Buddha in California will host the Ksitigarbha Festival during the Hungry Ghost month – September 2, 2017. Ksitigarbha cares for beings that have been reborn into the unfavorable states of rebirths. Ksitigarbha Buddha made a sacred commitment to help those out of suffering, vowing:
“Until the hells are empty, I vow not to become a Buddha. Only after all living beings are saved, will I myself attain Bodhi.”
For information about the Land of Medicine Buddha, you can visit the website

[boc_heading css_classes=”blog-title1″]Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in AUGUST 2017 [/boc_heading]

August 7 to September 6, 2017– Month of the Yang Earth Monkey
Monkey: There will be minor health issues so take more rest. Carry the Medicine Buddha card to exhaust the illness energy. You will have great support from friends this month.
Rooster: This is the “crash” month for Rooster born person; it is not an optimum month to have a joint venture and investment with friends. Otherwise, you will create misunderstanding and argument with others. Consider carrying the Red Eagle amulet to overcome the negative energy.
Dog: The Nobleman Star will bring fortune luck to you. All problems from the previous month will be resolved this month. Grab any opportunity you have. Hang the Windhorse Prayer Flags to attract your luck.
Boar: Beware of arguments at home relating to family issues. Be patient and spend time to solve problems step by step. Make sure you display the Red Eagle on the Rock at the Northwest sector of your home to control the monthly Quarrelsome star.
Rat: There will be lots of opportunities at work. If you consider changing jobs or starting a new project, you should act immediately. Place the Polaris Star Enhancer at the North sector of your work place and home to obtain this luck.
Ox: This will be the quietest month for you in 2017, but there might be obstacles at work. Keep an eye on your co-workers’ task because their mistakes may cause you trouble. Display the Precious Mountain in your home for supportive energy at work.
Tiger: Beware of argument at home and work. Be patient and handle situations smoothly. Take care of your health and be cautious of a car accident. Carry the 5 Element Pagoda card to control the monthly 5 Yellow Star, and display the Om Mani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel on the dashboard to exhaust the negative energy while driving.
Rabbit: There will be strong money luck for the Rabbit born person, but pay attention when signing any legal document this month. Consider carrying the Red Eagle Amulet for legal problems and the Trinity Horse Keychain to boost your money luck.
Dragon: There will be lots of opportunities for you, and it’ll be best to work with others. Dragon person should travel away from home and expand their network this month. Put the Pair of the Peacock in the South sector to attract fame luck and bring new opportunities to you.
Snake: It will not be smooth at work during the beginning of August, but it will gradually improve throughout the month. You need to be patient and consult with your superior. You will have great support from friends. Place the Monkey On Horse at Southeast in your office for promotion luck.
Horse: It will be an excellent month for you to learn new skills and attend several classes. Be careful of what you say and try to avoid arguing with others. You should carry the Education & Scholastic amulet to enhance your wisdom luck.
Sheep: Most of your previous issues will be resolved this month, so handle them slowly. There will be strong money luck so it is the right time to invest. Carry the Victory coin to enhance your luck.

[boc_heading html_element=”h4″ css_classes=”text-uppercase”]Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of AUGUST 2017 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.[/boc_heading][boc_heading css_classes=”blog-title1″]AUGUST 2017 Flying Star Chart [/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h5″ css_classes=”blog-title3″]Seventh Month (Yang Earth Monkey month – August 7 to September 6, 2017) of the Yin Fire ROOSTER Year[/boc_heading]

How to read this chart: Below are nine squares. Each square represents a directional sector of your home with the middle square representing the Center area of your house. There are two numbers shown in each sector. The big number in each sector indicates the Annual Star and the small number in each sector indicate the Monthly Star. Place the suggested cures and enhancers in their proper areas accordingly.

Center: 1/2: The number 2 illness star flies into the Earth center; it will bring lots of obstacles and illness to your family. Place the Medicine Buddha Stupa to control the negative energy.
North 6/7: Beware of robbery especially at your front door and window located in the North. You must stick the Anti-Burglary sticker or Blue Rhinoceros, facing North, for protection.
East 8/9: There will be strong money luck in the east sector of your home, so activate it by hanging the wooden wind chimes. If you are looking for the good news, put nine sticks of the bamboo with water this month. Display the Four Element Treasure Chests to secure the wealth luck for your family.
West 3/4: The monthly number 4 wooden star will make the argument star stronger. Be sure to display the Red Eagle on the Rock to exhaust the negative energy.
Southwest 7/8: Place a red or burgundy color carpet to enhance money luck this month. The red color decoration will also control the annual inauspicious Robbery star. Display water fountain to attract the money luck and control the annual inauspicious Robbery star.
Southeast 9/1: Hang the 5 Emperor coins at this sector to attract the advantageous luck from the auspicious star.
Northwest 2/3: The negative stars will bring argument and illness to the patriot. Make sure you control it by having the Mahabodhi Stupa; it will control all the inauspicious energy from these two stars.
Northeast 4/5: It is not an excellent month for renovation at the Northeast sector. Display 4 pots of the green plant to enhance your relationship luck; the plants help suppress the monthly 5 Yellow star. Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda will manage this inauspicious star.
South 5/6: Hang the 6 Emperor coins ruler to attract the windfall luck. if you invest in the stock market, you should spend more time in the South sector of your house this month.