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The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Full Moon Festival, which is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It will be on September 24 this year.

Traditionally Chinese will have big family dinner on that evening and will eat mooncake (This is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during this festival) as dessert.

Two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health. Tara and Medicine Buddha puja on September 17 and the Medicine Buddha puja on September 24.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in SEPTEMBER 2018

September 8 – October 7, 2018 – Month of the Yin Earth Rooster

Rooster: It will be the good month for you to take a short break away home; it will help to recharge the earth energy from the different city. You also need to pay attention to your health and should carry the Health Amulet or wear the Medicine Buddha DZI bracelet for protection.

Dog: It will be the good month for you to invest and you will have strong money luck in September, You should carry the Asset Wealth Amulet to increase this luck.

Boar: There will be lots of opportunities and also the good month for you to show your ability at work. You make sure to double check the task from your co-workers, as their mistake will affect you. Consider carrying the Victory Banner Amulet to enhance your good luck.

Rat: Relationship luck is strong, and it will be the lucky month for you with the big support from Nobleman Star. This lucky star will help to remove your obstacles and bring good luck to you. Carry the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet for better luck.

Ox: It will be the good month for you to invest and will be better to team up with your allies – Snake and Rooster this month. Carry the Five Jambala card to secure the investment luck.

Tiger: Career and money luck is strong this month, and it is also the good time to develop your business or look for another opportunity. Keep the Prosperity Victory Amulet to capture your luck.

Rabbit: There will be lots of obstacles, and it is not the right month to start the new project. Place the green plant at the East of your home and wear the Om Mani Padme Hum Bracelet to exhaust the negative energy.

Dragon: It will be the good month to invest due to windfall luck, and you should adjust your investment portfolios. Strong relationship luck for Dragon born person, you should take this lucky month to expand your network and meet new friends.  Carry the Wealth Talisman to capture your good luck.

Snake: You should team up with your allies – Ox and Rooster to invest. If you are not greedy, you will make a small profit. Tap the 12 Zodiac Victory coin on the investment folder.

Horse: Relationship luck is strong; it will be the good month to visit your old friends, whom will bring you good news and opportunity to you. You also need to pay attention to your health due to illness star and should carry the Medicine Buddha card for protection.

Sheep: It will be going to be the smooth month for you and also the right time to expand your network. Relationship luck is strong and should place fresh flowers at Southwest of your room to activate your romance luck. Sheep lady should carry the Red Tara charisma shawl for better chance.

Monkey: September is the month for you to learn new things and take the professional examination, as the lucky star will bring good luck for your examination and wisdom for learning. Put the 21 Tara Gold card in your wallet for wisdom and wishes, as Tara will help to bring all your wishes to you.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of September 2018 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.


September 2018 Flying Star Chart


The eighth month (Yin Earth Rooster month–  September 8 – October 7, 2018of

the Yang Earth DOG Year

How to read this chart: Below are nine squares. Each square represents a directional sector of your home with the middle square representing the Center area of your house. There are two numbers shown in each sector. The big number in each sector indicates the Annual Star and the small number in each sector indicate the Monthly Star. Place the suggested cures and enhancers in their proper areas accordingly.

Center 9/7: The monthly lousy star goes to the center, it will spread the adverse energy to the entire house, red color decoration such as pillow case, carpet and table runner will help to exhaust the negative star. You make sure that you do not have metal wind chimes at the center of the house. Place the Buddha Prayer Wheel to purify the negative energy and bring the good CHI to the entire house.

North 5/3: North sector of your house is terrible this September, as the monthly argument star will bring hostile energy and you should hang the 6 rods metal windchime to control the monthly and annual lousy star.

West 2/9: Pay attention to your health if you sleep in the bedroom or front door is located at West. The magnify number 9 star will make the illness star stronger. Display the Medicine Buddha or metal Wu Lou to control the aggressive illness star.

Southwest 6/4: The romance star will bring good energy to you especially the single girl in the family; you should put the fresh flowers to attract the love energy. This star also brings relationship luck to everybody.

Southeast 8/6: The southeast area will be the benefit for money luck from both auspicious stars; you MUST capture it by placing the Lotus water fountain with the Kuan Yin – Goddess of Mercy on the top of the fountain.

South 4/2: It is not the good bedroom for elder family member sleeping in the South room this month. The South sector has lots of fire energy, and it enriches the power of the monthly illness star. Invite the Bejeweled Ogyyen Menla, who is the Lotus Buddha Guru Rinpoche appearing as the Medicine Buddha in the blue face, to control it.

Northwest 1/8: Northwest is another lucky area this month especially for money luck, you should spend more time in this area, such as a meeting or telephone conversation. Invite the God of Wealth sitting on the tiger to capture the good luck.

Northeast 3/1: Finally Northeast area will be lucky from the Number 1 White Star for wealth and successful career luck. In order to capture this luck, you should invite the Bejeweled Golden Tara – Goddess of Wealth in this sector.

East 7/5: Another unlucky area due to 2 inauspicious stars flying into the East. It will bring robbery, obstacle, and illness to you. You make sure to place robust green big leaves plant and hang the Tara Home Protection Amulet  to control it. If you have the choice, you should try to avoid using the East sector of your home and office.

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