Here’s your MAY 2019 monthly Feng Shui Newsletter

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in  MAY 2019

 May 6 – June 5, 2019– Month of the Yin Earth Snake

Snake: It will be a good month for you to persevere through obstacles, as you are capable of efficiently solving problems. However, beware of losing personal belongings such as your cell phone. To protect yourself and your belongings, carry the Kwan Kung with Anti-Robbery Amulet.

Horse: You need to stay away from gossip and control your temper. Your luck this month may feel like a roller coaster – moving up and down. It will be the excellent time for you to consult with your ally, Dog born person, for advice and carry the Omani Ally – Dog Amulet for better luck.

Sheep: There will be lots of obstacles at work so try to maintain good relations with your co-workers.  You may feel stressed this month due to many factors but carrying the Five Elements Mirror Amulet with powerful Dakini mantra can alleviate your stress and bring good fortune.

Monkey: This month the Nobleman Star will bring you support and good luck.  Also, there is strong Peach Blossom Luck for single Monkey person so take this excellent opportunity to expand your network. Consider keeping the Omani Wish Amulet – Snake and Purple Crown Amulet for improved luck.

Rooster: It will be a great month for you at work, so stay focused on your goals. However, beware of minor injuries especially to your hands and legs. Carry the Anti-Illness amulet for protection and the 9 Tailed Red Fox Amulet for wealth and power.

Dog: It will be another good month at work, which includes plenty of opportunities. The Nobleman star will help you defeat challenges, so use this to your advantage and accomplish your goals. Place the Bejeweled Key for Success and Victory on your work desk for enhanced luck.

Boar: It will be the traditional “clash” month for Boar-born person, creating lots of obstacles and minor health problems for you. Also, this is not the best month for you to start a new project. Therefore, you should take it easy this month. Keep the Annual Amulet for 2019 in your pocket, which carries symbols of prosperity, power, and authority.

Rat: You will have strong relationship luck and great chances to expand your network.  Single Rat born person should place fresh flowers in the North sector of your bedroom to attract Peach Blossom Luck. Also, display the Red Tara Gau at the center of your house, which will bring luck for love and relationships with friends, colleagues, and associates at work.

Ox: It will be a smooth month for you, and your boss will praise your good work.  Keep it up! Unfortunately, it is not the right month for you to start new investments or loan money to others. Place the 3 Celestials Treasure Chest in the Southwest sector (for a woman) and Northwest sector (for man) to secure your wealth.

Tiger: You need to pay attention to your health and should take more rest. It will be beneficial for you to carry the Anti Illness Amulet and place the Golden Garuda at the bedside to exhaust the negative energy.

Rabbit: It will be the right month for you to adjust your investment portfolio or long-time investment. Hang 6 Emperor Coins amulet at the East sector of your house to capture this luck. Besides, control your temper and try to maintain a good relationship with others; it will make your work easier.

Dragon: Dragon person will have unexpected good news, and it’ll be a good time for you to host family dinners or gatherings with good friends to boost up your energy. On the other hand, you need to budget your spending for this month as it may be out of control. Place the “Great Increasing” Vase on your desk to strengthen opportunities and increase wealth luck.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of MAY 2019.  Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

MAY 2019 Flying Star Chart

The fourth month (Yin Earth Snake month– May 6 to June 5, 2019) 

of the Yin Earth BOAR Year

All the Flying stars are double this month, meaning annualand monthly Flying stars will simultaneously fly into the same area.  Lucky stars bring double luck, and inauspicious stars bring extra bad luck to you. Be sure to control them and activate the auspicious stars for double good luck. This only happens once in 2019.

Center 8/8: The center of your house experiences another good month, so spend more time in this sector. It will attract strong wealth luck, so you MUST place the Lotus water fountain and either the Bejeweled Wealth Vessel or Bejeweled Double Carp to attract the luckiest stars this year.

North 4/4:These lucky stars will bring you romance and education luck. Also, place the Bejeweled Wisdom Pagoda in the North to capture this good luck, especially during the end of the school year.

West 1/1: The west sector of the house will also bring strong money luck this month, so activate it by placing the Bejeweled Flying Windhorse or hanging the Windhorse Prayer Flags.

Southwest 5/5: This is one of the worst sectors in the house. It is not recommended for pregnant women and the eldest family members to sleep in bedrooms located in the Northeast and Southwest. Also, remove red colored pillows and carpet. Place the Golden Tara Home Protection Amulet or Tri-Colored 5 Element Pagoda and four pots of green plants to alleviate the negative energy.

Southeast 7/7: Be sure to remove metal wind chimes and lock the windows & doors in the Southeast sector of the house as the Number 7 Robbery Stars attracts violence, extortion, and burglary energy. For protection, turn “ON” the lamp in this area and invite the Bejeweled Red-Faced Kwan Kung.

South 3/3:Remove any green colored doormat and carpet from the South of the house as it will enhance the harmful Argument star, which brings the lawsuit, argument, and misunderstanding to you. To control it, invite the Bejeweled Goddess Kurukulle and place red colored pillows in this area.

Northwest 9/9: The Number 9 star invites good news and relationship luck especially to the male. Activate it by placing red colored pillows and Fu Dogs Treasure Chest Box for wealth luck. A single person should display the Bejeweled God of Love and Marriage for Peach Blossom Luck.

Northeast 2/2: The Illness Star brings sickness and harmful viruses to the second worst sector of the month, especially to pregnant women and eldest family members sleeping in bedrooms located in the Northeast and Southwest. Remove red colored pillows and carpet to alleviate the harmful energy. Also, display the Healing Herb Wu Luo and place sea salt in the four corners of the Northeast room, which will control the bad CHI this month.

East 6/6If you like investing and conducting day trading on the stock market, you should make all trades in the East sector as the Windfall Luck star attracts luck from heaven. Display the Bejeweled Wealth Vessel according to your lucky direction and the Bamboo Forest of Prosperity to attract the prosperous success.

Moreover, there are two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health: Tara and Medicine Buddha puja is on May 12, 2019, and Medicine Buddha puja is on May 18, 2019. In addition, on May 4 there will be a new moon, and on May 18 there will be a full moon. Lastly, according to the Tibetan calendar, you should not have medical procedures on May 3, 8, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 26 and 29 of 2019.

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