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We are approaching the end of 2018. November is the Boar Month, and according to Feng Shui, the Boar is the last Chinese Zodiac. For this month, to improve your luck and invite good energy, consider hosting a party or gathering in a specific area of your office or house, such as Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and South.
There are two essential days to pray for your wishes and good health: Tara and Medicine Buddha puja on November 15 and the Medicine Buddha puja on November 23, 2018.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in  November 2018

November 7 – December 6, 2018 – Month of the Yin Metal Boar

Boar: It will be a good month to invest or buy a lottery ticket due to windfall luck. Boar born person should take it easy and beware of injury by the metal object. Also, pay attention to the health issues related to your eye. Carry the Prosperity Victory Amulet to capture this good luck.

Rat: Your career luck is strong, especially if your work is away from home and there will be lots of opportunities.  Winter-born Rat person should wear red, pink and burgundy colored clothing or light a candle at home & your office for better luck. You can keep the Wealth Activation Amulet for good luck.

Ox: Your luck is extreme this month, bringing wealth and career luck to you. Take this excellent opportunity to create a plan, involving wealth and your career, for 2019.  Protection of Wealth and Good Name amulet will help you to keep this luck, you should carry it with you.

Tiger: There will be lots of arguments between you and your family, so try to control your temper. If you are unsure about ideas or situations, you should consult friends for a second opinion.Place red colored pillows at Northeast of your house to control quarrelsome energy and enhance money luck this month.

Rabbit:  Beware of traffic tickets and signing legal documents.  During this month, you will receive significant support from friends and family members. Put the Heart Sutra card in your wallet to exhaust the quarrelsome energy.

Dragon: Since you have a healthy relationship and little money luck for this month, it will be an optimal time to look into short-term investments. Furthermore, the Single Dragon born person will meet the new friend.

Snake: This is the traditional “crash month” for Snake born person, as this is the Boar month, so it’s best to lay low to avoid trouble.  A good solution to alleviating this “crash month” is to take some time off, consider a small vacation.  You may carry the Spirit Essence Enhancing Amulet to overcome the negative energy.

Horse: Although you will have strong money and career luck, unfortunately, your Lung Ta energy level is weak, resulting in a lack of confidence. To empower your success, wear the Wind horse scarf or hang the Wind horse Prayer Flags.

Sheep: Even though November is a good month for you to invest, don’t be greedy and beware of signing legal documents. On the other hand, continue building stronger relationships with your allies–Rabbit and Sheep born person-for better luck.

Monkey: This month isn’t the best time to tackle high-risk activities. Furthermore, pay attention to your health and take more rest. Wear the Medicine Buddha bracelet to exhaust the negative energy.

Rooster: It will not be a quiet month for you to start new projects. In addition, there will be unexpected expenses, so control your budget and avoid over-spending. You must carry the Anti-burglary amulet to control the negative energy this month.

Dog: For Dog born person, November is a great month, and it will be an excellent time to invest. There will be lots of opportunities away from home, consider traveling for a chance for success.  Carry the Peacock Feathers in your bag to protect you from accident.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of November 2018 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.

November 2018 – Flying Star Chart

The eleventh month (Yin Metal Boar month– November 7 – December 6, 2018of

the Yang Earth DOG Year

Center 9/5: There will be lots of Earth element flying into all the Earth sectors this month, bringing both good and bad luck to you. In order to control the monthly harmful 5 Yellow Star entering the earth center, try to remove the red-colored carpet or pillows. Also, hang 6 rods metal wind chimes and the Bejeweled Mansion of Guru Rinpoche at the center of the house, as you do not want the bad earth energy link up the illness star 2 from Southwest.

North 5/1: The North area will bring good career and money luck due to the Number 1 White star. Place the water fountain and hang 6 rods metal wind chimes to activate the valuable star.

West 2/7: If your front door or back door is located at the west of the house, pay attention to this sector. Two unlucky stars are flying into this area, bringing robbery, violence, and illness to you. To protect this sector, place the blue rhinoceros, facing out, for protection.

Southwest 6/2: The monthly illness star will be harmful to every member of the family especially women. If the center of your home or office is connected to the Southwest sector, you need to place four small plant pots to block it, as you do not want the two unlucky stars to unite. Also, invite the Blue Medicine Buddha to control the negative energy.

Southeast 8/4: The Southeast is a good area for you to spend time; the single person should display fresh flowers and the Bejeweled God of Love for the entire month to attract romance luck.

South 4/9Both lucky stars are flying into the South, enriching the energy of the education luck. To capture and enhance this luck, place the Bejeweled Wisdom Pagoda, hang 9 Rods Metal Wind chimes and a green colored floor mat.

Northwest 1/6: The Northwest sector is another lucky area in the house, so make sure there is 6 rods metal wind chime, Bejeweled 5 Element Victory Banner, a white floor mat, a gold-colored pillows or a white tablecloth in this room. This setup will help you capture the windfall luck, especially if you are the patriarch of the family or the head of a company, such as a CEO.

Northeast 3/8: Consider having Thanksgiving dinner at Northeast of the house to help activate the monthly money star. Place the red colored tablecloth, and a lit up the candle to bring more good luck to you and your family.

East 7/3:  Try to avoid hosting meetings in the East sector of the house, as the quarrelsome monthly star will bring hostile energy.  If you have old carton boxes in this area, remove them to help subdue the negative energy from this star.  Hang the Green Tara Home Amulet for protection.

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