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Here’s your October 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Lillian and Jennifer’s 2018 Fortune book, Almanac, Diary and Planner will arrive USA at the end of October. Get your own copy and make your next year’s plan ahead. 2018 will be a challenge year, we must well equip and prepare for the coming year.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, October 4, 2017, is the Full Month Festival (中秋節) also known as Mid-Autumn Festival. Normally it is in September, and it was delayed due to the leap month this year. It is one of the important festivals for Chinese and the auspicious month for the person getting married.
If you are single and ready to get married, you should obtain the promising energy activate your relationship luck by.

  • Display the horse for snake, rooster and ox born person.
  • Show rabbit for tiger, horse, and dog born person.
  • Place the rat for rabbit, sheep and boar born person.
  • Display the rooster for monkey, dragon and rat born person.
[boc_heading css_classes=”blog-title1″]Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in OCTOBER 2017[/boc_heading]

October 8 – November 6, 2017– Month of the YANG METAL DOG

Dog: Dog born person will have strong luck during this month. It is also the good month to learn new things, and possibly get the promotion. Hang the Windhorse Prayer Flags to boost up your success luck.
Boar: There will be lots of opportunities when you travel away from home, a single born person will meet the loved one. You can place the Peach Blossom Rat at North of your bedroom to bring the romance luck.
Rat: Career luck is extreme, and there will be recognition from your superior, but you will feel lots of pressure and pay attention to your health. Hang the King Gesar Amulet plaque to enhance your success chance.
Ox: In order for you to have better luck during the metal season, summer born person should travel to cold country and winter born person travel to a hot country. Control your temper and beware of signing legal documents. Carry the Chundi gold card for protection.
Tiger: You need to be patient this month and take care of your business step by step. Try to team up with your friends to achieve your goal. You should offer Dzambala incense to attract the wealth luck.
Rabbit: You should not loan money to others and not the right month for you to invest in October. Carry the Anti-Burglary amulet for protection. Pay attention to the health of the elder family members and invite the Medicine Buddha to his/her bedroom for better health luck.
Dragon: This month provides strong money luck, but there will be lots of obstacles due to the traditional clash month – Dog month. It is not the right month to show off, so lay low to avoid problems. Display the Vaishravana Print in your office or southeast of your house to enhance the abundance luck.
Snake: Your luck is much better this month, most of the problem will be solved, it is the proper month for you to invest. Carry the 12 Zodiac Victory coin for your success.
Horse: There will be lots of opportunities this month, and it is also the right time to team up with others. Small money luck is high and should take this chance to invest. Place the 4 Element Treasure chests to secure your wealth.
Sheep: Health luck is weak for your family members. You should move around the furniture in your home, and it will help to cleanse the negative energy. Display the Brass Wu Lou in the west of your house or the bedroom for better health luck.
Monkey: Your social life is hectic, and you should take this opportunity to expand your network. But you need to watch out what you spend. Single Monkey born person can place Rooster at the west of your bedroom to attract your relationship luck.
Rooster: This is the good month for you to meet new friends and business partner. But it is not the right month for significant investment. Single Rooster person will meet his/her lover. You can display the running Horse at the south of your bedroom, but you need to pay attention to your health. Hang the Medicine Buddha frame in the west of your home.

[boc_heading html_element=”h4″ css_classes=”text-uppercase”]Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of OCTOBER 2017 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.[/boc_heading][boc_heading css_classes=”blog-title1″]October 2017 Flying Star Chart [/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h5″ css_classes=”blog-title3″]The Ninth Month (Yang Metal Dog month – October 8 to November 6, 2017) of the Yin Fire ROOSTER Year[/boc_heading]

How to read this chart: Below are nine squares. Each square represents a directional sector of your home with the middle square representing the center area of your house. There are two numbers shown in each sector. The big number in each sector indicates the Annual Star and the small number in each sector indicate the Monthly Star. Place the suggested cures and enhancers in their proper areas accordingly.

Center: 1/9: Place a red carpet or red color auspicious pillow at the center of your house to attract auspicious luck.
North 6/5: The monthly 5 Yellow star flies to the North this month, it will bring fatal illness. You should place the metal Buddha Stupa to control the negative energy.
East 8/7: There are good and bad stars flying into the same area this month. You can place the water fountain and invite the Red Dzambala to attract wealth luck and exhaust the month robbery star.
West 3/2: Both unlucky stars are flying into the west sector, it will bring illness and argument energy to you. You must control it by placing the Kuan Yin standing on Garuda bird.
Southwest 7/6: You need to control the annual robbery star this month, as the Number 6 monthly star is also the metal element and it will increase the negative energy at Southwest. Display the Blue Rhinoceros facing out for protection.
Southeast 9/8: Strong wealth luck at Southeast, you can activate it by putting the water fountain or 8 Immortals Crossing the Great Water at Southeast and try to spend more time at southeast area of your house to attract the auspicious luck.
Northwest 2/1: Pay attention to the water issues in this sector and it also affects the health for the Patriot of the family. Invite the Medicine Buddha for better health luck.
Northeast 4/3: There will be lots of argument between the younger children in the family. You make sure that there is no plant in the Northeast area this month. Display the Red Eagle to exhaust the negative energy.
South 5/4: It is not the right month staying in this bedroom in October, especially the female members in the family. As the monthly star will help to increase the negative energy to the annual 5 Yellow star in the south area. Invite the Buddha Stupa to control the negative energy.