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Lucky Directions of the Week

Day of the Week Date God of Wealth God of Happiness Wealth Star Romance Star Illness Star
Sunday 08/14/2022 North Northeast South Northwest North
Monday 08/15/2022 East Northwest Southeast North Southwest
Tuesday 08/16/2022 East Southwest West South Northeast
Wednesday 08/17/2022 South South Southeast Northeast North
Thursday 08/18/2022 South Southeast East West South
Friday 08/19/2022 Northeast Northeast Northeast Northwest Southeast
Saturday 08/20/2022 Northeast Northwest North South West
Day of the Week Date Element of the Day Zodiac Animal of the Day Spiritual Day Day to Cut Hair
Sunday 08/14/2022 Yin Earth Boar Yes
Monday 08/15/2022 Yang Metal Tiger Yes
Tuesday 08/16/2022 Yin Metal Ox No
Wednesday 08/17/2022 Yang Water Tiger No
Thursday 08/18/2022 Yin Water Rabbit Yes
Friday 08/19/2022 Yang Wood Dragon Yes
Saturday 08/20/2022 Yin Wood Snake No