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Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in August 2020

Kuan Kung – God of Wealth & God of Warrior for Success (關公)

The annual Kuan Kung Festival is held on June 24 (六月二十四日) on the Chinese Lunar calendar; this year specifically it will be held on August 13, 2020.

Kuan Kung (關公), also known as Guan Yu (關羽), is recognized as both the God of War and God of Wealth. He is said to be the protector of the oppressed, Patron Saint of the Police, Guardian Deity of the Triads, and in recent times, the protector of politicians and business leaders. He is also worshipped as a Door God in temples, businesses, and homes, with portraits of him pasted on doors to ward off evil spirits, especially when holding the big crescent saber.

Place Kuan Kung in the house facing the front door, ensuring that his fierce countenance and ‘killing breath’ scares aware bad things that may come through the door. It is said that all negative energy does not dare to enter with the presence of Kwan Kung. You can also place him in the Northwest, the sector representing the Patriarch. At work, put the image behind where you sit so that you will never lack powerful support from influential people.

Kuan Kung is also an excellent Feng Shui figure to put where the #7 star resides; this year the star resides in the center and will fly into the Northwest in 2021. He protects against all burglary energies that may be hovering near your home.

When you see the Three Warriors – Kuan Kung, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei – the three great heroes of Chinese history and always been associated with courage, integrity and honor. They bring the energy of team work and victory.


  • Sitting or reading a book for scholar and civil.

  • Standing holding the big crescent saber for protection.

  • Riding the horse – When Kuan Kung sits on a horseback, he is in combat mode and brings incredible protection for the Patriarch and prosperity luck for the whole household.



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Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of AUGUST 2020. Update the monthly flying stars of your space.


AUGUST 2020 Flying Star Chart

The seventh month (Yang Wood MONKEY

monthAugust 7 – September 6, 2020)

of the Yang Metal Rat Year


North 7/3If your front and back doors are located in the North, you need protection from violence and theft brought by the monthly Number 7 Star. Place the Blue Rhinoceros and display the Anti-Robbery sticker on your window for protection. Be sure to remove metal windchimes from the North of the house.

East 9/5The east side of the house will be severely affected by the Five Yellow Star, as the monthly star will magnify the bad energy to the evil star. It will bring lots of obstacles, health problems, and shortage of cash flow. You can hang the Six rods metal windchime or Six Emperor Coins with golden yellow color tassel and place four pots of the green plants to control the negative energy.

Southeast 1/6The room at the Southeast is one of the lucky areas this month. Two fortune stars will bring wealth and career luck to you. It would be best if you placed the Wind horse on the work desk or hang the windchime to attract the fortune energy.

Northeast 5/1The Northeast room in the house is unlucky from the monthly star, causing misfortune, bad health issues, and argument. You should replace any red and beige colored carpets from this area with green or white colored mats to exhaust the negative energy. Display the Buddha stupa to combat the bad CHI from this star in August.

South 6/2 Finally, the south sector of the house is getting lucky this month as the lucky Number 6 star brings windfall luck to you. Windfall luck is from heaven and supports investment and gambling luck. Display the Three Great Warrios and hang the Six Emperor Coins Amulet to capture this luck.

Southwest 8/4 The wealth star will bring good luck to the Southwest of the house and the Matriarch of the family. Hang the Wealth Rat windchime and carry the 9 Tailed White Fox amulet, specifically if you’re the Matriarch, to attract money luck.

West 4/9 – The west side of the house has strong peach blossom energy, so single people take advantage of the energy by displaying fresh flowers and the wedding couples to attract romance luck. For better education luck, consider hanging the Education Scholastic Amulet.

Northwest 3/8 You need to control the hostile energy in the Northwest sector this month. This lousy star especially affects the male business owner, creating legal issues and arguments in your family and business. If possible, place a white or metallic colored carpet to exhaust the negative energy. Also, put the Chundi Hanging or hang the Chundi Buddha prayer flags to control the evil star.

Center 2/7 Everyone should pay attention to their health this month as two unlucky stars fly into the center of the house, bringing illness problems, especially breathing and lung problems. It would be beneficial to display the Medicine Buddha Hanging or Medicine Buddha at the center of the house to minimize the spread of bad energy. Also, please remove red, burgundy, white, or metallic colored pillowcase and carpet in this area.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 

AUGUST 2020 (Yang Wood MONKEY Month) –

August 7 – September 6, 2020

Monkey: Your luck fluctuates this month. At the beginning of the month, there will be many opportunities; however, during the latter half of the month, your success will take a turn. Despite this outlook, you should focus on what you are working on and mind your own business while maintaining a good relationship with others. You need to stay away from trouble makers and also try to avoid water sports. It’ll be beneficial for you to keep the Hamsa Hand with Evil Eye amulet or Anti-Evil Eye Amulet to protect you against harm caused by the jealousy of others.

Rooster: Your luck is back, and there will be lots of opportunities as you will have the Nobleman star helping you. If you have an important deal or plan, you should keep it privately because it’ll help you avoid jealousy. Place the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman on the work desk or next to your bed to combat the negative energy; the Jade Emperor will maximize luck from the heavens and bring imperial good fortune to you.

Dog: You will face lots of obstacles from the misfortune star this month, so be prepared. You need to budget your spending since cash flow is tight. Display the White Mongoose to secure your money luck and hang the Mystic Knot in your bedroom to invite excellent Feng Shui and good luck.

Boar: This is an average month for you, so you must stay away from trouble makers. It will not be a good month for new investment and beware of robbery. Carry the Heart Sutra mantra or Heart Sutra Charm for blessing and the Anti-Robbery amulet to protect you from robbery.

Rat: You will be supported by General Star this month, helping you overcome all obstacles. It will be a good time for you to expand your business, so take this great chance. Carry the Five Elements Balancing keychain to neutralize your missing element from your personal Paht Chee chart. It will help to unlock your full potential and allow your good fortune to ripen this time.

Ox: Your luck fluctuates throughout the month, and it will go downhill in the last week of August & the first week of September. Also, it is not the right time for new investments and projects, so prepare to face any obstacles. Display the Windhorse on your work desk or next to your bed for success; this Windhorse will bring up the “Lung Ta” energy to the Ox person. Display the Great Mercy mantra hanging in your bedroom for protection.

Tiger: You will be stressed as August will be a busy month for you. Try to handle things step by step. Money luck is weak, and this month is the worst month for Tiger person. This month is also the traditional clash month for you, making it a bad time to start a new project. You should keep the Vairocana Buddha Talisman and Bodhisattva Akasagarbha – Protector for Tiger and Ox-born people to protect against loss of income and negative energy.

Rabbit: Your luck is up and down this month, so be sure to double-check tasks before submitting a presentation. Maintain a good relationship with others and avoid misunderstandings. There will be unexpected expenses, so budget your spending. You should keep the Heart Sutra Talisman for blessing and protection.

Dragon: It will be an average month for you but continue focusing on your tasks as career luck is strong. Dragon person is vulnerable to attract gossip, slander, and jealousy. Stay away from trouble-makers and avoid starting new investments and loaning money to others. Carry the Evil Eye Anti-Jealousy Amulet to counter the negative energy.

Snake: This is an excellent month for you, so team up with others to begin new plans. There will be lots of opportunities and should take this chance to grab it. Money luck is strong, but it is hard for you to keep it. It would be best if you display the Mongoose Spouting Jewels on your work desk or Southeast of the house to retain your money.

Horse: There will be lots of obstacles from the unlucky stars this month. You need to control your temper and try to avoid arguments. To make matters worse, money luck is unstable, and there will be unexpected expenses. However, you can support yourself by focusing on what your goals and plans and minding your own business. Consider carrying the Annual amulet for harmony and attract wealth luck.

Sheep: You may face a few challenges and unexpected obstacles. It is not the right month for hiring new employees and participating in water sports. It’ll be beneficial to focus on what you are working on and solve problems step by step. It would be best to place the Big & Small Auspicious mirror in the Southwest of the house to activate and capture the luck from the 24 Mountain chart.

Moreover, there are two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health: Medicine Buddha puja and full moon are on August 3, 2020. The new moon arrives on August 19, 2020. Tara and Medicine Buddha puja is on August 26, 2020.

We post two monthly tips for a great day to cut hair, bad day for no medical procedures and other important days on our website under the “Tips for Today” section; all information follows the Tibetan calendar.