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Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in June 2020

Buddha Prayer Flags attract good luck and remove obstacles & illness.

Buddha prayer flags are multi-colored flags stamped with mantras or images. The five elements and their correlated colors are metal (white), water (blue), wood (green), fire (red), and earth (yellow). When you hang prayer flags, they bless the elements that touch the mantras. For example, when the wind touches the mantras, animals and insects who feel this wind are purified of their negative karma and blessed to higher realms. When rain and water touch the flags, the prayer flags bless worms and other creatures on the ground and liberates them from the lower realms. Prayer flags should be hung on the following auspicious days: June 2, 4, 25, and July 2, 3, 4, 21, 26, and 31, 2020.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of JUNE 2020. Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

JUNE 2020 Flying Star Chart

The fifth month (Yang Water HORSE month – June 5 – July 5, 2020) of the

Yang Metal Rat Year

North 9/3The monthly number 9 star will bring happiness and future prosperity to the North sector of the house. Activate this fortune star by placing the Nine Ranks Badge Plaque for success and career advancement luck. Unfortunately, this star also brings powerful energy that enhances the annual argument star, so display the Red Great Increasing Jewel with the Holy Mantra to exhaust the negative energy. 

Northeast 7/1If your front door or back door is located in the Northeast area of the house, you should protect it from robbery due to the bad star this month. Place the Blue Rhinoceros, with the horns facing out, or a water fountain to exhaust the negative energy and remove any metal windchimes from this sector.

East 2/5We need to protect ourselves against both the harmful monthly and annual stars flying into the East side of the house. They will bring illness, violence, and argumentative energy to you. You MUST control it by placing four pots of green plants or four live bamboo sticks, and the God of Longevity, who will bring good health and long life to those who have his presence in the house.

Southeast 3/6The Quarrelsome star will bring argumentative and hostile energy to you. Therefore, remove excess green plants from this sector and display the Red Dragon holding Fireball to control this lousy star. If you have any legal cases pending, leave a red lamp in the Southeast room to control it.

 South 8/2 The lucky wealth star will fly into the South this month, so capture it to increase your income. Simply hang the Six Rods Metal Windchimes to simultaneously exhaust the annual illness star and capture the wealth star. You should also invite the God of Wealth – Yellow Dzambala to attract more wealth luck to the household.

Southwest 1/4 The Southwest is one of the lucky sectors in the house, bringing career and good relationship luck to you. Hang the Buddha Prayer Flags to attract good luck from heaven and place the Windhorse for success.

West 6/9 This is another lucky area in the house! If you invest in stocks or manage your retirement portfolios, you should use the room in the West sector of the house. The annual number 9 will magnify the monthly lucky Windfall luck, bringing mentor luck to the household. You can display the Treasure Chest Dharani or the Great Increasing Vase to attract further wealth luck.

Northwest 5/8 – The monthly Five Yellow Star will bring obstacles and health issues, especially to the patriarch of the family. Display the Five Element Pagoda and Six Rods Metal Windchimes for protection.

Center 4/7 The center of the house is an excellent room to study. Therefore, you should hang the Scholastic Amulet to attract scholarship luck as well as boost intelligence and talent for learning. For improved relationship luck, you can also place fresh flowers, especially peonies, to attract your peach blossom luck.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in JUNE 2020

(Yang Water HORSE Month) – June 5 – July 5, 2020

Horse: You should take it easy and go with the flow this month as you will face lots of obstacles. For one, this is not a good month to start new investment. Since money luck is weak, you should carry the 15 Hums Protection Wheel Keychain or 15 Hums Protection Wheel Brooch to counteract negative energy towards you.

Sheep: You will have a purple star bringing opportunities and good luck to you. Take this chance to start a new project as money luck is reliable; however, indirect money and short-term investments are not stable. Wear the Four Heavenly King and Longevity Bead with Pi Yao Bracelet for protection and to attract money luck.

Monkey: Your luck fluctuates this month due to bad stars around you. There will be unexpected expenses, and it is not the right time to loan money to others. Thankfully, the Green Tara Mantra Wand will protect you and help you overcome obstacles.

Rooster: You will have a great start to the month; unfortunately, after the first ten days, and you will face many obstacles. Beware of troublemakers around you and control your temper, especially to your lover or spouse. Place the Buddha Prayer Wheel or carry the Hand Prayer Wheel Hanging for protection.

Dog: Career luck is secure this month, but money luck is weak. Therefore, you need to focus on work while budgeting your spending. Wear the Amitabha Buddha with 4 Heavenly Kings and Fortune Bead Bracelet to attract money luck and receive protection. Amitabha is the protector of both the Dog and Boar born persons.

Boar: It will not be a smooth month for you this month and beware of signing legal documents and of traffic tickets. You should lay low and refrain from starting a new project. Wear the Amitabha Buddha Yellow Citrine Bracelet as Amitabha is your life protector, shields you from danger and helps you overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.

Rat: June is the traditional “clash month” for the Rat born person, creating lots of obstacles for you. Therefore, it is not the right month to start new projects or befriend troublemakers. Carry the Earth Seal Amulet to receive protection from the Earth Goddesses and manifest your wishes.

Ox: You need to control your temper and maintain good relations with others as you will easily upset your colleagues or family members for no reason. Carry the Dragon Holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to exhaust the hostile energy.

Tiger: There will be plenty of excellent opportunities for you, including luck to start a new project. Also, both money and career luck are stable. Display the Eight Auspicious Symbols on your work desk to attract all the good luck to you this month.

Rabbit: You must pay attention to your health as you will face a variety of obstacles. If you need to start a new plan, you should handle it with caution.  Wear the Thangtong Gyalpo Necklace with Medicine Buddha Mantra for protection, especially from health issues.

Dragon: There will be plenty of opportunities at work during this great month but continue to focus on what you are working on. Along with strong money luck, you should maintain a good relationship with friends and colleagues. Consider keeping or wearing the Mongoose Scarf with Wealth and Power Amulet for promotion luck and enhanced career potential.

Snake: You should stay away from troublemakers and hang the Evil Eye with Horseshoe keychain to protect you from jealousy and gossip at work. There will be various obstacles, so try to stay patient. You will be better off by wearing the Tara Ritro Loma Gyonma Necklace to overcome obstacles and protect you from catastrophes.

Moreover, there are two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health: Medicine Buddha puja and full moon are on June 5, 2020. The new moon arrives on June 21, 2020. Tara and Medicine Buddha puja is on June 28, 2020.

We post two monthly tips for a great day to cut hair, bad day for no medical procedures and other important days on our website under the “Tips for Today” section; all information follows the Tibetan calendar.