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Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in November 2019

We recently received emails from the reader that they confused about the date of the monthly forecast newsletter. The monthly email was sent early each month, and the day will not started a week later. The monthly Feng Shui Flying star and zodiac forecast are based on the Chinese lunar calendar; mostly, the energy will be changed on the 7th or 8th day of each month. In the future, we will email our monthly newsletter in a few days before turning of new energy.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 2019

November 8 – December 6, 2019 –  Month of the Yin Wood BOAR 

BOAR: There will be lots of obstacles and should take it easy. It will not be the right month starting a new project and should take a short trip to recharge new energy. You should carry the 5 Elements Balancing Keychain helping to unlock your full potential and allow your good fortune to ripen.

RAT: It will be a busy month for you, and it will not be easy starting your task, but it will be solved at the end. It will be better for you to team up with your secret friend – Ox for better luck. You can keep the Victory Banner Amulet to attract the winning energy to you.

OX: It will be better to make new investments and adjust your retirement portfolios this month. Beware of minor injury to your four limbs. You should carry the Lucky Gamble Amulet for windfall wealth luck.

TIGER: You will have lots of opportunities for you, and you should focus this month to grab your good luck. Even though there will not be easy when you start, and it will be getting better for the rest of the month. Consider carrying the Life Force Windhorse Amulet to bring good fortune and success luck to you.

RABBIT: If you have any good and new ideas to achieve your goal, you should go ahead to fulfill your goal. Consider carrying the Scholastic Amulet for bringing wisdom luck to you. It will also be a good month for you to invest and place the Windhorse on your desk to bring winning energy.

DRAGON: Finally, your money luck is strong at the end of the year. Both direct and indirect money luck is good. Do not miss this opportunity; you will gain back what you lose from the early of this year. Beware of office politics and jealous of others, it will be better for you to carry the Hamsa Hand Amulet for protection.

SNAKE: It is the traditional incompatible month for the Snake born person, and it creates inconvenience to you. Luckily you will have a lucky star for bringing good energy to you, and you should carry the Pi Yao to overcome your obstacles.

HORSE: It will be the action month for you, and there will be lots of a good chance when you work harder. There will be unexpected good news and should control your temper. Beware of signing legal documents and should carry the Dragon holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to control the hostile energy.

SHEEP: Luck is strong at work, but there will be obstruction at home possible illness from the elderly family members. Please make sure to place the Wu Luo at the center and northeast of your house.

MONKEY: Both personal and career luck is strong this month. Beware of jealousy and office politics. It will be better for you to keep the Evil Eye Anti-Jealousy Amulet to overcome the unpleasant energy.

ROOSTER: It will be a good month for you to learn new things, and career luck is strong, and you make sure to follow the guideline to avoid trouble. For your education luck, you should keep the Education Scholastic Amulet for wisdom luck.

DOG: You need to control your temper, as you easily upset others with no reason. Beware of signing legal documents and should carry the Dragon holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to control the hostile energy.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of November 2019.  Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

November 2019 Flying Star Chart

The eleventh month (Yin Wood Boar month

November 8 – December 6, 2019) of the Yin Earth BOAR Year

Center 2/8: Two earth stars fly into the center of the house, the monthly illness star meets with the annual wealth star, it will create intense earth energy to enrich the monthly illness star, and you should invite the Medicine Buddha to control the negative energy, otherwise the poor health energy will spread out to the entire family. At the same time, you should also display the Double Humped Camel for Business Success & Healthy Cash Flow, and it will help to capture the wealth luck from the annual Number 8 star.

West 4/1: The monthly education star will bring wisdom energy to your children, and you should hang the Education Scholastic Hanging or Bejeweled Wisdom Pagoda to attract this luck. Your children should study and do homework in the west of the house this month.

Southwest 8/5: Southwest area in the house will bring wealth luck from monthly wealth star and make sure to keep the 5 Element Pagoda to control the annual 5 Yellow Star; You should consider attracting the wealth luck by placing the Double Humped Camel for Business Success and Big money luck.

Southeast 1/7: Another lucky area in the house, the number 1 white star will bring promotion and money luck to you in November. The water fountain is good at Southeast for money luck and also to display the Wind horse-Boosting Victory Flag to attract your money luck.

South 6/3: You need to hang the 6 rods metal windchime to attract the windfall luck, and this windchime also helps to control the annual argument star. You make sure to remove the green plant at the South of the house. Display the Bejeweled Wealth Vessel to attract wealth luck. The vessel should be placed coming from your favorable direction.

Northwest 3/9: Pay attention to hostile energy from the Northwest of the house. If your front door is located at the Northwest, please remove the green mat and plant. Place the Fire Dragon holding Fireball at Northwest to suppress the quarrelsome energy.

Northeast 5/2: Northeast is one of the worst areas in the house, both unlucky stars will bring illness and misfortune energy to you, Remove red and burgundy color of carpet and pillowcases in this sector. You must place the Om Mani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel to exhaust the negative energy.

East 9/6: You should spend more time in the east room of the house, the lucky star will bring good news and windfall luck to you. Please activate it by displaying the Dragon Treasure Trove (make sure to fill up the trove with gold ingots and coins), and it will help to collect your wealth luck.

North 7/4: Please make sure to secure the doors and windows at the North side of the house, the monthly misfortune star will bring robbery energy to you. It is not the right place for you to trade your stock. Place the blue rhinoceros and water fountain to control the unfavorable energy.

Moreover, there are two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health: Tara and Medicine Buddha Puja is on November 4, 2019, and Medicine Buddha Puja and Full Moon are on November 12, 2019. The new moon date is on November 26, 2019.

We post knowledgeable tips two months in advance for great days to cut hair, conduct medical procedures, and other important dates on our website under the “Tips for Today“ section. All of this information follows the Tibetan calendar.