SIGN UP for “How To Increase Your Luck” Course by Peter Lung! (Nobleman Star)

SIGN UP for “How To Increase Your Luck” Course by Peter Lung!

Date: June 19, 2021 virtually via Zoom (Deadline to enroll the course – June 12, 2021)

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

You can watch the video about this course via YouTube. You can copy and paste this link.

Everyday we face competition and challenges; learn how to increase your luck and achieve victory through the Paht Chee Reading Class! I will teach you how to understand and practice your Paht Chee Chart as well as simple methods to capture great opportunities from different stars. No prior Paht Chee or Feng Shui experience is required for this course.

Every week I will publish previews of the stars that will be covered in the course. Follow along by printing your personal Paht Chee Chart from our website under “Four Pillars Calculator.”

This week’s star is the Nobleman Star.

The Nobleman Star brings mentor luck; there will always be someone or something that comes to you your aid, refers you to opportunities, and assists you in throughout obstacles. Yang Nobleman Star will directly bring luck to you while the Yin Nobleman Star will indirectly bring luck. Having this star in your chart indicates that you are a very intelligent and creative person. Don’t worry if you do not have this star in your chart; I will teach you how to obtain and activate it


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