Your Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter in AUGUST 2023

Highlights of AUGUST, 2023MONKEY Month

The seventh month (Yang Metal MONKEY month –  August 8 to September 7, 2023) of the Yin Water RABBIT Year

  • The lucky areas of the house and office are the South, Southwest and West. Use Feng Shui enhancers to activate the sectors and capture the luck from the fortune stars.

  • There are unlucky areas of the house and the office need to be controlled and protected from unlucky stars; East, Northeast, Northwest,  and North.

  • It will be a lucky month for those born in the Rat, Dragon and Snake year. Do not miss these opportunities to achieve your goals.

 Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of AUGUST 2023.  Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

AUGUST 2023 Flying Star Chart

The seventh month (Yang Metal – MONKEY month –  August 8 to September 7, 2023) of the Yin Water RABBIT Year

The first number is the monthly flying star, and the second number is the annual flying star. Use the chart to apply the following recommendations:

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South 6/8 – The combination of these auspicious stars will bring wealth and windfall luck. For prosperous and growing wealth, activate them by placing the Windfall Luck Activator, which helps attract unexpected and sudden wealth, or place the God of Wealth – Choy San to capture fortune from the wealthy star.

Southwest 8/1 – The Southwest will be lucky again this month as the sector will benefit from a star that will bring money luck, career advancement, and relationship luck to you. Especially if you are the Matriarch of the family and female business boss, spend more time in this sector. Place the Nine Ranks Badge Plaque in this room to help you and your family members’ career luck. Display the Pak Choy for wealth and continuous growth; the Pak Choy attracts “100 types of wealth luck.”

Northeast 5/7The house’s Northeast will be unlucky due to these two evil stars, bringing violence, obstacles, and bad health. It will help to put the Buddha Stupa to control the exhaust the negative energies from the 5 Yellow Star and  Blue Obsidian Rhinoceros to protect against robbery and stealing, and live green plants to control the negative energies.

Center 2/4We need to control the monthly Illness Star that will fly into the center of the house as it will bring bad health to the household. Display the Medicine Buddha Plaque, which has the Medicine Buddha’s mantra engraved on the back, to welcome blessings of good health and longevity from him. Also, put fresh flowers or four sticks of bamboo stick to capture the luck from the annual Number 4 Star for good relationship and wisdom luck.

Southeast 1/3 – The room in the Southeast is between good and bad, as the Number 1 White Star will bring money, luck, and success luck.  It will help to hang the 6 Rods Metal Windchime to attract the lucky energies from this star while controlling the annual unfriendly star. Unfortunately, the annual Quarrelsome Star will bring arguments and legal matters; you should invite the Magnificent Kwan Kung with 5 Flags Plaque to protect against betrayal, office politics, gossip, and misunderstandings. As the God of Wealth, Kwan Kung brings money, luck, and authority to you, so you can remain in control.

North 7/9The North room is an unlucky area affected by the combination of two bad stars: the Number 9 Star and the monthly Robbery Star. Ensure there are no metal wind chimes on the north side of the house this month. If your front or back door is in this area, you MUST put the Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros or place the Burglary Prevention Sticker on the window to keep your house or office safe from robbery, stealing, and violence this month, especially if your business’s cash register is located at North.

East 9/2 – The Number 9 Star will empower the annual Illness Star flying into the traditional Feng Shui health sector. It will be beneficial to invite the Medicine Buddha or place the Wu Lou with Joyous Crane to protect against ill energy; the crane symbolizes long life and good health.

West 4/6 – The combination of these two stars will bring Windfall, education, networking, and wisdom luck. Activate Windfall luck by hanging the Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms at the west of your office and home; the four cardinal signs together help forge mutually beneficial alliances in your life. Attract the education luck by placing the Bejeweled Wisdom Pagoda to bring examination success and good thinking. Capture the heaven luck this month by hanging the Mystic Knot 6 Rods Metal Windchimes or placing the 12 Zodiac Victory Coin.  Try to spend more time in this room, primarily when you invest or talk to clients.

Northwest 3/5The Northwest side of the house will be unlucky due to these two evil stars, which will bring arguments, violence, bad health, and obstacles, especially to the family’s patriarch and the company’s male boss.  Consider putting the Red Prosperity Elephant to protect against harm from excessive aggression. The prosperity elephant with treasure vase is the perfect remedy for the Number 3 Conflict Star; this wonderful elephant in the home enhances the two kinds of luck needed for one to realize wealth luck, and great happiness as well. You can also put the Emerald Pagoda to exhaust the negative energy from the Five Yellow Star.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in

AUGUST 2023 (Yang Metal MONKEY Month) –

August 8 to September 7, 2023

Monkey: It will not be a smooth month for you as your luck will fluctuate.  You need to solve problems step by step and avoid arguments.  It will help keep the Dragon & Horse Spirit Essence Amulet to boost inner energy and attract wealth and good luck. Beware of cheating, stealing, and jealousy!  It will not be the right time for neither new investments nor giving loans to others. Carry the Anti-Evil Eye Amulet to protect against harm caused by jealous and toxic people around you.  Also, since health luck will be weak, keep Good Health With the Crane Talisman Gold Card to protect yourself from a virus and sickness.

Rooster: Your luck will be unstable and fluctuate, so be sure to handle things carefully and mind your business. Avoid creating more enemies and keep the Anti-Jealousy Evil-Eye Amulet to block the unfriendly energies.  Try maintaining good relationships with others and carry the Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms to boost relationship luck and enlarge your social circles. As money luck will fall weak, it will be a bad month for new investments and gambling. On a good note, health luck is good.

Dog: You will face obstacles during the first two weeks of August, then your luck will improve afterward. It would help if you planned to complete essential tasks at the end of this month. Also, avoid office politics and troublemakers; keep the Anti-Jealousy Gold Talisman Card to block unfriendly energies. Money luck is average, so budget your spending. It will help if you spend more time with your lover/spouse and avoid arguments; display the Harmony Lock at the west of the house to protect the harmonious bonds in all your relationships.

Boar: The White Tiger Evil Star will bring lousy health to a female Boar person and lead them to many obstacles. Be sure to handle things cautiously and solve problems step by step; carry the 28 Hums Protection Amulet to block the negative energies from the evil star. As money luck will be weak and you are at risk of losing personal belongings, you should hang the Pak Choy Amulet on your belt loop or bag to attract hundreds of wealth.  Also, pay more attention to your health and take more rest. Try to spend more time with elderly family members and consider placing the Garuda Bird in their bedroom for better health.

Rat: Lucky stars will help you overcome obstacles, and it will be the optimal month for new investments. Carry the Jade Emperor Amulet to capture the good luck from the auspicious star and the Joyous Windhorse Amulet to attract victory luck at work. Since direct money luck will be strong, keep the White Dzambala Wealth Talisman Gold Card to increase wealth; the White Dzambala is the God of Wealth.  On the other hand, indirect money luck will be unstable, so you should avoid granting loans to others. 

Ox: This month is the traditional clash month, and you should handle things cautiously and consider listening to people’s suggestions and opinions. Generally, it will not a very bad month, and your luck will improve after mid-August.  It will help to carry the Three Celestials Mirror Amulet to protect against loss of wealth and loss of loved ones.  Direct money is stable but it will not be the right month for neither gambling nor making significant investments. Pay attention to minor health issues and keep the Good Health Amulet Gold Card to improve your health and recover from any existing illness.  The powerful mantra on this card emits a healing aura around your body.

Tiger: August will be another challenging month due to the inauspicious star, and you need to plan your intentions.  It will help if you try to solve problems step by step and consult with others for a second opinion and recommendations on major decisions.  Your energy will be low, so you should carry the Life Fore Amulet to boost your inner power.  Also, money luck will be weak, and there will be unexpected expenses.  You should avoid any new investments and giving loans to others.  Pay more attention when you travel and should keep the Travel Protection 28 Hums Amulet to exhaust evil energies.  Beware of a car accident when you drive!  You need to hang the Prayer Wheel Hanging for protection from harmful impacts.

Rabbit: It will be an average month, so you should focus on your work and continue maintaining a good relationship with others. It will help to carry the Trinity Of Apple Amulet for peaceful and harmony.  Money luck will be stable, and you should avoid making significant investments. You need to keep the Six Peacock Feathers for protection during your trip and avoid participating in high-risk activities and sports.

Dragon: You will have many opportunities due to lucky stars, so you should not miss this good time to achieve your goals. When you see any good chances, you should grab them. It will help if you carry the Dragon Heaven Seal Amulet to activate the Heaven luck and ensure you capture all the best opportunities coming your way. With your health luck being average, be sure to take more rest and keep the Good Health Talisman Gold card for protection against falling sick.

Snake: Your luck is back from the auspicious star, and it will be the best month for you this year. You should carry the Nobleman Star Amulet to attract powerful mentors and the wish granting mantra on this amulet bringing growth energies to you.  However, beware of what you say, as you may easily upset others.  It will help if you keep the Anti Jealousy Gold Talisman card to block the unfriendly energy from troublemakers.  Both money luck will be strong, and it will be a good time for gambling and new investments.  It will be best to place or carry the Wealth Lock Coin to protect against losing money.   You will not have major problems with your health, but you should try to rest more to recharge your energy.

Horse: It will not be a smooth month for you, so try to handle things with caution. It would help if you stayed away from office politics and troublemakers; keep the Anti-Jealousy Evil-Eye Amulet for protection.  Both direct and indirect money luck will be unstable, so it will not be the right month for investment as you will face unexpected expenses. It will help to carry the Big Money Bull Amulet to attract money luck Also, beware of losing personal belongings!

Sheep: You will face many obstacles due to unlucky stars, so focus on your goals and mind your own business. Try to spend money wisely, as unexpected expenses may come up. Consider carrying the Night Spot Protection Amulet  to protect yourself from cheating and stealing; avoid giving and co-signing loans with others. Health luck will fall weak, so you should pay attention to your health issues and keep the Anti-Illness Amulet  Gold Card for protection. Also, you will have many arguments and misunderstandings between you and your spouse or lover; try to control your temper and be patient when solving problems.

Moreover, there are crucial days for you to pray for your protection, wishes, and good health:   Medicine Buddha puja and the full moon are on August 1 and 31, 2023Protector Puja is on August 15, 2023 and the new moon arrives on August 16, 2023.  Tara and Medicine Buddha puja is on August 24, 2023.

We post two monthly tips for a great day for a haircut, a bad day for no medical procedures, and other important days on our website under the “Tips for Today” section; all information follows the Tibetan calendar.