Your Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter in DECEMBER 2023

We are entering Period 9 in Feng Shui. There will be a shift in energy, and the meaning of the Flying Star will change. The Number 8 Wealth Star is declining in power, while the Number 9 Star will rise and become influential for the next 20 years. Also, the Future Number 1 White Star will be lucky thereafter.

Time to prepare for the upcoming Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui! Keep an eye out for announcements about Peter Lung’s new book, Optimize Your Luck During Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui, and WOFS USA Virtual Feng Shui Extravaganza 2024 – Year of the Yang Wood-Dragon.

Highlights of DECEMBER 2023RAT Month

The eleventh month (Yang Wood Rat month –  December 7, 2023 to January 5, 2024) of the Yin Water RABBIT Year

  • The lucky areas of the house and office are the West, Southwest and Southeast. Use Feng Shui enhancers to activate the sectors and capture the luck from the fortune stars.

  • The house has unlucky areas, and the office needs to be controlled and protected from unlucky stars: East, South,  and North.

  • It will be a lucky month for those born in the Dragon, Monkey, Rooster, and Dog year. You can take advantage of these opportunities to achieve your goals.

 Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of DECEMBER 2023.  Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

DECEMBER 2023 Flying Star Chart

The eleventh month (Yang Wood – RAT month –  December 7, 2023, to January 5, 2024) of the Yin Water RABBIT Year

The first number is the monthly flying star, and the second number is the annual flying star. Use the chart to apply the following recommendations:

You can watch the highlights of this newsletter via YouTube. You can copy and paste this link or click this photo.

South 2/8The combination of the Number 8 Wealth Star and the Number 2 Star form the lucky Sum-of-Ten, bringing money luck to you, and try to spend more time in this area to attract fortune luck. Hang the Sum-of-Ten Amulet and display either the Wealth Lock Coin Mini Plaque or Namtose – King of Wealth in the South of the house to capture all the good fortune luck that comes your way. However, beware of the bad energies from the monthly Illness Star! You must control it by placing the Garuda Bird or the Healing Herbs & Longevity Wu Lou. Also, use the Medicine Buddha Incense  to cleanse this area.

Southwest 4/1The monthly 5 Yellow Star The Southwest is back to being lucky for relationship, career, and education luck. Improve relationship luck by decorating the sector with fresh peony flowers, hanging the Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit, or displaying the Romance Lock to attract peach blossom luck. Be sure to have the Pak Choy or Choy San – God of Wealth to capture the wealth luck in 2023.

Northeast 1/7The monthly Number 1 White Star will bring career luck, good relationships, and a little wealth luck to this room. You can put the Nine Rank Badge Plaque in Royal Blue and Gold to capture the luck for career advancement or display the Big Money Bull with Yantra Mantra for wealth luck. The Number 7 Robbery Star will bring misfortune luck to you, mainly if your front or back door is in the house’s Northeast side. Display the Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros facing the Northeast or the Fuk Luk Sau 8 Auspicious Red Carpet in this sector to control the monthly Robbery Star in 2023.

Center 7/4The Robbery Star will bring violence, stealing, break-ins, and shoplifting to your home or business. You MUST control it by putting the Anti Burglary Plaque or Armored Elephant and Blue Rhinoceros for protection. The annual Number 4 Star will bring relationship and education luck to the center sector of the house. Uplift the energy by putting the Manjuhsri Plaque or Brush with View of 3 Mountain Peaks to enhance creativity, wisdom, and talent from the Number 4 Star.  For better relationship luck, place four sticks of fresh flowers inside a red vase or display the Peach Blossom Treasure Box to attract romance luck from the Number 4 Star.

Southeast 6/3The monthly star will bring windfall luck; capture this auspicious luck by placing the Windfall Luck Activator in this room.  The southeast of the house will be affected by the Quarrelsome Star this year, attracting hostility and arguments, especially to the eldest daughter of the family. Place the Trinity of Apples to exhaust the unfriendly energy and remove dry plants from this area.

North 3/9The combination of these two stars will empower the monthly Number 3 Quarrelsome Star that will bring violence and disagreement to the household and legal matters. Control and exhaust the unfriendly energy from this star by placing the Fuk Luk Sau with 8 Auspicious Carpet or Rising Golden Dragon Holding the Pearl. This golden dragon will chop the argument wood star this month.

East 5/2This is the worst area of the house this month; both unlucky stars fly into the East, bringing many obstacles and health problems to you, especially as the East is the health sector. Display the Mega Golden Wu Lou with 8 Joyous Cranes or Medicine Buddha Plaque to protect yourself from bad health. Control the bad energies from the evil Five Yellow Star by placing a cup of sea salt in the four corners of the room, decorating with live green plants, and displaying the Emerald Pagoda.

West 9/6 The house’s west area will benefit from the lucky Number 9 and 6 Stars, so plan to spend more time in this area. The stars bring windfall wealth luck and business luck; place the 3 Sheep on a Mountain “San Yang Kai Tai or the Magnificent Kwan Kung with 5 Flags for wealth luck.

Northwest 8/5The 5 Yellow Star will affect the Northwest, bringing illness and arguments to the household, especially to the family’s Patriarch and the business’s male boss. Place the Emerald Pagoda or Heart Sutra Pagoda to control the negative energy from this evil star. You may consider putting the Shakyamuni Mini Plaque or White Dzambala Plaque for health, wisdom, and good wealth.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in

DECEMBER 2023 (Yang Wood RAT Month) –

December 6, 2023 to January 5, 2024

Rat: This is another unstable month for you due to misfortune star; you will face many obstacles and should solve problems cautiously. It will help to mind your own business and avoid office politics. Place the Kwan Kung Riding a Horse Mini Plaque on your work desk to protect against betrayal, office politics, gossip, and slander. Money luck is weak, and there will be unexpected expenses. It will be best to keep the Big Auspicious Amulet to attract recognition, power, and wealth luck. Beware of losing personal belongings! Pay attention to your health and avoid catching the flu.

Ox: Your luck will go downhill, and there will be many obstacles. You should handle things cautiously and avoid troublemakers and slanderers. It will help to keep the Hamsa Hand Anti-Gossip Amulet to block the unfriendly energies from them. As money luck will be weak, you should not give or co-sign loans with others. Your health luck is average, and beware of injuries. Keep the Good Health Amulet Card for protection.

Tiger: You need to pay attention to your health due to Illness Star and be sure to put the Garuda next to your bedside or at the East of your house for protection. It will help solve problems step by step and avoid gossip and troublemakers. Money luck will be weak, and there will be unexpected expenses. Try to maintain good relations with others and avoid creating more enemies.  It will be best to avoid arguments with your lover; put the Happy Marriage Comb at the Southwest of the house or bedroom for better relationship luck.

Rabbit: Your luck will go downhill, especially your relationship with others.  You should carry the Friendship Vibrations Mirror or Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms to keep all relationships peaceful and harmonious. It will help to control your temper and maintain a good relationship with your colleagues. Otherwise, they may create many troubles for you. You MUST carry the Anti-Jealousy ”Evil Eye” Amulet for protection, ensuring you stay shielded from harm caused by gossip and slander. Also, money luck will be weak, making it the worst time to gamble and start new investments. Beware of losing personal belongings and being cheated!

Dragon: Your luck will be back! Most issues from the previous month will be resolved due to the auspicious star, and there will be many opportunities.  Take advantage of this good chance to achieve your goals and maintain good relationships with others. Keep the Sum-of-Ten Amulet to help you capture all the good fortune opportunities that come your way and ensure smooth progress and successful outcomes in everything you undertake. Carry the Windfall Luck Amulet to attract money luck and capture luck from the auspicious star this month. You will not have significant health problems, and relationship luck with your lover will be good.

Snake: You will face obstacles in the first two weeks of December, but your luck will improve afterwards. Consider completing important tasks after December 20. This month you need to maintain good relations with others and your lover. As troublemakers may create many problems for you, you MUST carry the Anti Evil Eye Amulet for protection, which ensures you stay shielded from harm caused by gossip and slander. Money luck will be weak, so you should not give loans to others. Keep the Wealth White Dzambala Gold Card since the White Dzambala – Buddha of Wealth on the card will attract prosperity luck.

Horse: Your luck fluctuates due to the unlucky star, and it will also be a traditional clash month. Try to solve problems step by step and handle things with caution. Consider carrying the Winning Vibrations Mirror to attract and magnify victories. It will help if you watch what you say and stay away from troublemakers around you. Money luck will be weak, and there will be unexpected expenses. Also, pay attention to potential health problems and keep the Medicine Buddha on the Bodhi Leaf in your wallet to block evil energies. Consult your physician when you feel uncomfortable.

Sheep: You will face many obstacles due to Five Ghosts Evil Star, so focus on your goals and mind your own business. Try to spend money wisely, as unexpected expenses may come up. Consider carrying the Pak Choy Amulet to attract hundreds of fortunes this month; avoid giving loans and co-signing loans with others.  Your health is weak, so take more rest. Carry the God of Longevity Talisman Gold Card to protect from sickness.

Monkey: Finally, your luck returns due to the auspicious star, and you will regain what you lost from the previous months. Carry the Three Sheep on a Mountain Amulet to attract money luck and big fortune.  It will help to work harder in your office for better returns. Direct money luck will be stable but avoid gambling and making new investments. Keep the Big Auspicious Amulet to attract wealth luck. Your health luck is good, with no significant issues, but you must watch what you consume.

Rooster: It will be an average month, but prepare for many changes.  Beware of the troublemakers and office politics!  It will help to keep the Anti-Jealousy Gold Talisman Card in your wallet to block unfriendly energies. You need to focus on your work and mind your own business.  Money luck will be stable, but beware of unexpected expenses. Avoid getting into arguments with your lover and display the Marriage Lock in the Southwest of your bedroom to protect relationships from conflict.

Dog: This is another lucky month due to the Dragon Heaven Star! Do not miss these opportunities to achieve your goals and complete your unfinished tasks. Carry the Dragon Heaven Seal to capture the luck from this auspicious star. Money luck will still strong, so take a chance on short-term investments and purchase lottery tickets.  However, don’t be greedy!  Keep the Pak Choy Amulet this month to capture the money luck. Also, pay attention to stomach problems, and beware of what you consume.

Boar: It will be an average month, so pay attention to changes. Be sure to handle things cautiously and solve problems step by step. Keep the Sum-of-Ten – Red Color to ensure all the good fortune luck comes your way as the fire element and red color are lucky for the Boar person. You will not have significant health issues but pay attention to your home or office’s security problems. Your business may potentially have fire problems. Invite the Amitabha Gau in your house to protect against all harm, accidents, black magic, and bad health; Amitabha is the Boar person’s protector.

Moreover, there are crucial days to pray for your protection, wishes, and good health: Protector Puja is on December 11, 2023, and the new moon arrives on December 12, 2023. Tara & Medicine Buddha puja is on December 20, 2023.  Medicine Buddha puja and the full moon day are on December 26, 2023.

We post two monthly tips for a great day for a haircut, a bad day for no medical procedures, and other important days on our website,, under the “Tips for Today” section; all information follows the Tibetan calendar.

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