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Your Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter in July 2021

Highlights of July – Sheep Month

  • The lucky areas in the house and office are South, Center, and Southwest.  Activate them and capture the luck from the fortune stars by using Feng Shui enhancers.

  • The unlucky areas in the house and office are North, Northeast, and West. These areas need to be controlled and protected from unlucky stars.

  • It will be a lucky month for the person born in the Rooster, Boar, Rabbit, Snake, and Horse.  You should not miss these opportunities to achieve your goals.

You can watch the highlights of this newsletter via YouTube. You can copy and paste this link.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of JULY 2021. Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

JULY 2021 Flying Star Chart

July is the sixth month (Yin Wood SHEEP monthJuly 7 – August 6, 2021) of the Yin Metal Ox Year.

The first number is the monthly flying star, and the second number is the annual flying star. Use the chart to apply the following recommendations:

Northeast 3/9The Quarrelsome Star will bring argument and hostile energy to your house, especially to the younger people in the family.  Place the Red Pi Xie Wealth Carpet or the Embroidery Silk Kalachakra Placemat to exhaust the negative energy from this star. Also, remove excessive green plants and wooden wind chimes and replace with the Flying Horse 9 Rod Windchime to control the Quarrelsome star.

 South 4/1 – The Southside of the house is back to being lucky for relationship, career, and education luck in July. Improve relationship luck by decorating the South of the house with fresh peony flowers. Activate it by displaying the Nine Ranks Badge Plaque for career advancement and hanging the Manjushri Mantra Brush for better wisdom and education luck. Manjushri is the Buddha of Wisdom; his mantra will bring good luck to you.

Center 9/6 – The house’s center is lucky from the combination of two promising stars for Windfall luck. Hang the Metal Bell with Six Emperor Coins or Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier to attract the wealth luck from this star. If you purchase a lottery ticket, it will be lucky to place the ticket at the center of the house this month.

Southeast 8/5 – Finally, the Southeast side of the house attracts money luck due to the auspicious wealth star. Capture a good chance from this star by placing the 8 Celestial Immortal Plaque in this area. Be sure to hang the Wu Lou Hanging with 5 Emperor Coins to control the annual Five Yellow Star.

North 5/2 – This is the worst area in the house this month; both unlucky stars fly into the North room, bringing many obstacles and health problems to you. Display the Heart Mantra Vairocana Plaque or Vairocana Stupa to control the negative energies and put sea salt at the four corners of the room as well as live green plants.

Northwest 1/7 – If your front door, back door, and/or window are located at the Northwest of the house. It would help if you kept a lamp “ON” to protect from Robbery Star. To enhance protection, put the Anti-Burglary Sticker or the Anti-Robbery Plaque and remove the metal windchimes from the Northwest of the house. Also, hang the White Dzambala Plaque to attract money luck for little money and career luck; Dzambala is the God of Wealth and will help to bring fortune and remove obstacles for you.

East 7/4 – The East side of the house needs protection from robbery and burglary due to the misfortune star. Put the Blue Obsidian Rhinoceros facing out for protection and remove metal windchime in this area. For better wisdom and smartness, display the Manjushri “Gau” Scholastic Success Amulet. Manjushri is known as the Buddha of Wisdom, who will help you pass exams and have a better plan for the rest of the year.

Southwest 6/3 – The Southwest room in the house is good and bad this month. The monthly lucky Windfall Star brings indirect money luck to you, such as income comes from commission, investment, and gambling. Also, hang the Mystic Knot Metal Six Rods Windchime to attract fortune luck and the Matriarch of the family and female business owners will be benefit from this star in July.  You also need to control the annual Number 3 Quarrelsome Star by placing the Red Peach & Harmony Apples to exhaust the negative energy.

West 2/8 – The Illness Star will bring sickness and bad health energy to the West side of the house, especially affecting the family’s children. Invite the Medicine Buddha or put the Crane & Deer Longevity Carpet for protection. Fortunately, the West area continues to attract wealth luck this year, so capture it by inviting one of five different Dzambalas (God of wealth) – the Yellow Dzambala.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in

JULY 2021 (Yin Wood SHEEP Month) –

July 7 – August 6, 2021


Sheep: Unfortunately, your luck goes downhill this month; be sure to maintain a good relationship with others and beware of people around you. It will help to carry the Hamsa Evil Eye Amulet to block the negative energy.  Money luck is good, but it is hard to save money; keep the Increase Your Wealth Luck” Gold Talisman Card to capture your wealth luck. Also, your health luck is weak due to the minor problems, so it will be beneficial to put the Wu Lou Hanging with 5 Emperor Coins next to your bed for protection.

Monkey: This month delivers challenges to those who are the year of the Monkey. You need to handle things with caution and solve problems step by step. It is not the right month for new investment, and gambling luck is weak; wear the Wealth Vase Pendant Necklace or Three-Legged Toad “Always Rich” Silver Pendant to secure and attract money luck. Also, beware of water sports and water leaking in your house.

Rooster: Your luck is gradually improving and there are many opportunities to capitalize on. Since the Earth Seal Star brings good luck and helps you overcome obstacles, keep the Earth Seal Amulet to capture the luck from the lucky star. Both direct and indirect money luck is strong, so consider putting the Abacus on your work desk to attract fortune, new investments, and gambling luck. However, beware of losing personal belongings in the first week of August; carry the Anti-Burglary Keychain for protection.

Dog: Your luck takes a bad turn, and you must stay away from troublemakers. Relationship luck is weak, and you need to control your temper. Consider keeping the Enhancing Relationships Amulet to improve all your connections and block troublemakers from interfering with your marriage. Also, keep the Night Spot Amulet to block the negative energy from the unfriendly people. When making final decisions, think twice or consult others for a second opinion. Money luck is fair, buy continue budgeting your spending and avoid loaning money to others. Attract wealth luck by displaying the Lucky Cat on the work desk or near the front door.

Boar: It will be a busy month for you filled with adventure and travel from the Travelling Horse Star. The star will also bring promotion, nobleman star, and success luck. You should put the Windhorse or hang the Windhorse Prayer Flags in your office or at front door to capture this luck.  The auspicious dates to hang the prayer flags are July 10, 11, 15, 18, 20, 21, 23, and 24. As money luck is strong, it will be beneficial to keep the Dakini Wealth Pi Yao Amulet or Hum Dakini Wealth Protection Amulet.

Rat: You need to maintain good relations with others and avoid arguing with colleagues; keep the Chundi Card to control the hostile energy. Although money luck is improving, avoid beginning new investments.  For better wealth luck, it will help to carry the Wealth Income-Generating Keychain to attract money luck.  Also, beware of water sport and water leaking in your home.

Ox: July is the traditional clash month for you, and you should lay low to avoid obstacles. Cautiously handle things and solve problems step by step; control your temper and carry the Apple Peace Amulet for protection. Pay attention while you are driving at night and beware of car accidents. Put the Om Mani Padme Hum hanging in your vehicle to exhaust the negative energy.

Tiger: There will be many opportunities during the first two weeks of July, but your luck will go downhill in the second half of this month.  Beware of people around you; they may take advantage of you.  You should lay low and take it easy; keep the Life Force Amulet to boost your energy.  Money luck is fair, but it is not the best month for new investment; keep the Five Dzambala Gold Card in your wallet to attract wealth luck in different ways.

Rabbit: Your luck is back due to promising stars, and you should grab this good chance to achieve your goal. It will also be the right month for you to try different strategies at work. Display the Dragon Horse at work for career advancement or carry the Leadership & Victory Gold Talisman Card to bring leadership, strength, and ambition to you.  Money luck is extremely strong, making this the best month for new investment this year. Also, hang the Six Emperor Coins at the Center and Southwest of the house to capture the luck from the Number 6 Windfall this month. However, pay attention to health-related stomach problems and display the Heart Mantra Vairocana Plaque next to your bedside for protection.

Dragon: You will face many obstacles due to an unlucky star, so handle things with caution. Carry the 28 Hums Protection Wheel Keychain to protect against all kinds of harm. Since money luck is weak, you will need to budget your spending; keep the Dakini Wealth Pi Yao Amulet to boost your money luck. Health luck is also troubling this month, so put the Wu Lou Hanging with 5 Emperor Coins next to your bed for protection.

Snake: There will be many opportunities for you due to lucky stars this month.  Most obstacles from past months will be resolved. It will help to invite Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman to capture the good luck.  Both direct and indirect money luck is strong as July is one of the luckiest months for new investment this year. Carry the Six Emperor Coins Amulet at the center of the house to attract the wealth luck. It will be a good month for a single Snake person to meet your loved one; place the Rabbit in the Moon Love Enhancer in the South of the bedroom to capture the romance luck. However, beware of traffic tickets and put the Kalachakra Hanging in your vehicle to exhaust the negative energy.

Horse: July is another good month for you, and there will be many opportunities. It would help if you focused on your tasks and mind your own business; keep the Windhorse Success Amulet to capture the good luck at work. Both money and health luck are good. The Sum-of-Ten Talisman will support you by magnifying all fortune luck coming your way and producing positive outcomes in everything you do. However, continue budgeting your spending as there will be unexpected expenses.

Moreover, there are important days for you to pray for your protection, wishes, and good health: Protector puja is on July 8, 2021.  The new moon arrives on July 9, 2021. Tara and Medicine Buddha puja is on July 17, 2021. Medicine Buddha puja and the full moon are on July 24, 2021.

We post two monthly tips for a great day to cut hair, a bad day for no medical procedures, and other important days on our website under the “Tips for Today” section; all information follows the Tibetan calendar.