Your Monthly Feng Shui Newsletter in SEPTEMBER 2022

Highlights of SEPTEMBER – ROOSTER Month

  • The lucky areas of the house and office are West, South, North, Center of the house and Southwest.   Use Feng Shui enhancers to activate the sectors and capture the luck from the fortune stars.
  • The unlucky areas of the house and office are Southeast, East, Northwest, and Northeast, which need to be controlled and protected from unlucky stars.
  • It will be a lucky month for people born in the Boar, Dragon, and Sheep year. Do not miss these opportunities to achieve your goals.

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Flying Star in September 2022 –


Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in September 2022 –

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of SEPTEMBER 2022.  Update the monthly flying stars of your space.

SEPTEMEBER 2022 Flying Star Chart

The EIGHTH month (Yin Earth ROOSTER month –  September 7 – October 6, 2022) of the Yang Water TIGER Year

The first number is the monthly flying star, and the second number is the annual flying star. Use the chart to apply the following recommendations:

Northeast 7/8 – The Robbery Star will bring violence and theft to this room in September. You MUST put the Blue Obsidian Rhinoceros or place the Anti-Robbery Protection Tablet with Elephant & Rhinoceros at the Northeast of the house/office for protection.  It will help to remove metal windchimes in this area.

Northwest 5/6 – This is one of the worst areas of the month due to Five Yellow Star flying into the Northwest area. This evil star brings lousy health, bad money luck, and obstacles to you, especially if you are the patriarch of the family and/or the male boss of the office. It will help to put the Heart Sutra 5 Element Pagoda or hang the Heavenly Star Windchime to exhaust the negative energies from this star.

Center 4/5 – The monthly Number 4 Star brings education and romance luck as well as vibrant energy to the center of the house. Place the four bamboo sticks and the Dragon Carp with 3-Legged Toad Plaque to attract the wisdom and education energies. For relationship luck, you can decorate with fresh flowers, especially peonies, and carry the Romance Lock to attract your soulmate and help to maintain good relationship with your lover.

Southeast 3/4 – The Number 3 Star will bring quarrels and legal matters; the family’s eldest daughter will have a short temper.  It will help to put the Magical Cosmic Apple and the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet in this room to dissolve arguments and negative energies. You may consider removing excessive plants and carton boxes away from this room.

North 9/1 – The combination of these two stars will bring career luck, money luck, and promotion, especially to the North sector.  It will be best to place the Jade Emperor Windchime or Heavenly Star Windchime to attract new opportunities and capture the good luck from these stars.  For recognition and new opportunities! It will help to display the Rising Phoenix at the North of the house this month.

East 2/3 – The monthly Number 2 Illness Star and annual Number 3 Quarrelsome will bring you legal matters, illness, obstacles, and arguments. It will primarily affect the eldest son of the family and the Rabbit person.  Control the argumentative energy by placing the White Tara in this room. The White Tara is the Goddess of good health and longevity in her white form.  Also, display the Dharani Plaque with Hum Syllable  to control the hostile energies and bring happiness and joy to your family.

Southwest 1/2 – Finally, the Lucky Star will bring career advancement, relationship luck, and wealth luck to the room at Southwest. As this Lucky Star is the water element, activate the powerful energy for career and success luck by placing  Windhorse  or Jade Emperor Windchime. For wealth luck, you can invite the Royal Purple Happy Buddha to capture the money luck.  In Chinese, Silver and purple means MONEY.

South 8/9 – This is the luckiest area of the month, and the combination of these two stars will bring fortune and wealth luck.  Invite the Yellow Jambala or the Guru Rinpoche Buddha of Wealth – Orgyen Norlha to attract the wealth luck; be sure to spend more time in this room and use a red colored lamp to activate the auspicious sector.

West 6/7 – The Number 6 Windfall luck star will bring heaven luck, mentor luck, and good news. You can put the Heavenly Star Windchime and Wealth Rat Windchime to attract new opportunities and big success.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in


September 7 to October 7, 2022

Rooster:  There will be many obstacles from unlucky stars, and you should handle things cautiously. Carry the 28 Hums Lotus Protection Wheel Amulet for protection and to ward off obstacles. Money luck is weak, and beware of losing personal belongings; keep the 9 Dragons Kuan Kung Amulet to protect yourself from theft and stealing.  Pay attention to headaches and abnormal sleeplessness; display the Wu Lou with coins Hanging by your bedside to block the illness energies.

Dog: Your luck will be up and down; it will not be easy for you to start a new project. It will be best to carry the Life Force Amulet to boost up your inner Chi. Also, handle things with caution and mind your own business; avoid creating more enemies and keep the Anti Evil-Eye Amulet to block the unfriendly energies. Money luck is fair, but you’ll need to budget your spending. Health is acceptable.  You should wear the Yellow Dzambala’s Wealth Ring and the God of Wealth Gold Talisman Card to attract your wealth luck.  On another note, pay attention while driving at night and be patient with your family members, spouse, or lover!

Boar: Your luck is back, but you still need to handle things cautiously.  It will help if you watch what you say, as you may easily upset others. Carry the Four Friends Amulet to bring strong friendship luck and boost popularity and social luck.  As money luck is unstable, there will be unexpected expenses; budget your spending and avoid taking on new investments. Consider putting a Gold Bar or Nine Pieces of Gold Ingots or Gold coins in a gold-colored metal bowl at the Northwest of the living room to attract wealth luck. This month you’ll feel stressed, so be sure to take it easy; consider taking a short trip to relax and carry the Life Force Amulet to boost your inner energies.

Rat:  Your luck will go downhill due to unlucky stars, bringing arguments and legal matters to you. Beware of signing legal documents and receiving traffic tickets! Carry the Chundi Buddha Card to subdue the quarrelsome energies and ensure excellent harmony.  Money luck is also weak, so keep the “HUM” Dakini Wealth Protection Amulet to protect against loss and attract money luck.  Pay attention to health problems related to your liver! Avoid drinking and see a doctor if you feel uncomfortable. For health protection, carry the Medicine Buddha Gold Card.

Ox:  It will not be a smooth month for you as your luck will fluctuate.  You need to solve problems step by step and avoid arguments.  It will help to keep the Spirit Essence Amulet to boost inner energy and attract wealth and good fortune luck. Beware of cheating, stealing, and jealously! It will not be the right time for new investments and give loans to others. Carry the Anti-Toxic Amulet to protect against harm caused by jealous and toxic people around you. Also, health luck is weak, so keep the Vairocana Gold Card with you to protect yourself from the virus and sickness.

Tiger:  Your luck is unstable and will move up and down. Handle things with caution and mind your own business; avoid creating more enemies and keep the Anti Evil-Eye Amulet to block the unfriendly energies. Try to maintain good relationships with others and carry the “AH” Dakini Wealth Amulet to boost relationship luck and enlarge your social circles.  Direct money luck is stable, and indirect money luck is weak, making it a bad month for new investments and gambling. On a good note, health luck is good.

Rabbit:  September is the traditional clash month for you, and it will bring many obstacles. It will help if you lay low and be humble; keep the Spirit Essence Amulet to boost inner energy and attract fortune luck. The Pi Yao image on the amulet will counter bad luck during the clash month. Although money luck is fair, it will not be the right time to give loans to others; also, beware of cheating and stealing. Carry the Armored Rhino & Elephant Amulet to protect yourself against thieves and money loss. Pay attention to your health and consult your doctor if there are any issues.  It will be best to display the Wu Lou Hanging with Coins beside your bed to exhaust illness energies.

Dragon: Your luck is back due to the auspicious star, and there will be many opportunities.  Take advantage of this opportunity to achieve your goals and maintain good relationships with others. Keep the Ho Tu Enhancer or Sky Horse with Flag of Success and Victory Amulet to attract superior intelligence, asset wealth, wise leadership, and big profits to the workplace.  September is the best month for new investment, and you should purchase a lottery ticket; carry the Winning Hand Wealth Amulet to attract money luck and capture the luck from the auspicious star this month.  However, beware of car accidents and should keep the Eight Auspicious with Buddha Mantra Card for protection and block negative energies.

Snake: Your luck goes downhill due to an inauspicious star, bringing many obstacles to you this month.  It will help to lay low and be humble and carry the 28 Hums Lotus Protection Wheel Amulet to block negative energies. You should handle things cautiously and try to solve problems step by step.  Money luck is weak, and beware of cheating and stealing; carry the Nine Dragons Kuan Kung Talisman for protection.  Health luck is weak; if you feel stressed, take it easy and keep the Stay Healthy Amulet to counter the illness energies.

Horse: You will face obstacles in the first two weeks of September, then your luck will improve afterward. You should plan to complete important tasks at the end of this month. Also, stay away from office politics and trouble-makers; keep the Anti-Jealousy Evil Eye Amulet to block the unfriendly energies.  Money luck is average, so budget your spending.  It will help if you spend more time with your lover/spouse and avoid arguments; display the Harmony Lock at the center of the house to protect the harmony and bonds in all your relationships.

Sheep: It will be a lucky month for you due to the auspicious star, so you should not miss great opportunities. Be sure to maintain a good relationship with others as people may create many problems for you.  Keep the Jade Emperor Amulet to attract influential mentors to you. Direct and indirect money luck is strong; it will be the best month for new investments. Hang the Winning Hand Wealth Talisman in the west sector of the house to capture the wealth luck this month.  However, pay attention to your personal belongings and avoid giving loans to others.  Carry the Armored Rhino & Elephant Amulet to protect you against thieves and beware of slippery floors, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

Monkey:  It will be a busy month for you due to the Traveling Horse Star, making it a good opportunity to adventure. Starting from mid-September, you will face many obstacles so try to solve problems step by step. You should keep the 28 Hums Lotus Protection Wheel Amulet to block the negative energies around you. Money luck is unstable, so budget your spending. Carry the 100 Blessings Energetic Deer Wealth Amulet to attract wealth; the deer on the amulet symbolizes good fortune.

Moreover, there are crucial days for you to pray for your protection, wishes, and good health: Tara and Medicine Buddha puja, is September 4, 2022.  Medicine Buddha puja and the full moon are on September 10, 2022.  Protector Puja is on September 24, 2022.  The new moon arrives on September 25,  2022.  

We post two monthly tips for a great day for a haircut, a bad day for no medical procedures, and other important days on our website under the “Tips for Today” section; all information follows the Tibetan calendar.